The fireworks and giant wheel in Provinssi
Photo: Provinssi / Mika Alavesa

Provinssi - the festival of the people - opens the festival summer again on 29 June - 1 July 2017. Three fantastic days, Seinäjoki city is visited by a huge amount of people who enjoy music, art, Finnish summer and above all: the company of others.

You'll find all the information you need from these pages regarding the festival. The site is updated all the time, so be patient, if the information isn't here yet. Meanwhile you can contact info(at) If you have questions about camping or accommodation, majoitus(a) is the way to go.



International customers can buy tickets & packages from Festicket.

You can buy tickets from Festicket: HERE.




The festival area is at Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki, about 3 km away from the city centre. The nearest address of the area is Törnäväntie 20.

The festival wristband allows you to walk in and out from the festival area as much as you want

Festival area
Photo: Provinssi / Feng Deng 



The tickets are on sale at There are different kinds of ticket types and accommodation packages available.

In Seinäjoki the tickets are sold at Cafe Jakari in Rytmikorjaamo, ABC Seinäjoki, the  Etelä-Pohjanmaan matkailu -traveling centre and R-Kioski's.

Tickets can be purchased for one, two or three days of the festival. The tickets can not be returned. If you’re unable to come to the festival, you can always sell the ticket forward.

If you have bought a 1 day ticket and would like to attend other days as well, you can update your ticket for more days by contacting the store where you bought the ticket from ( or Tiketti). You will have to pay the difference between your current ticket and the new ticket, and service fee of the ticket store (about 3e). Updating is possible as long as ticket types are available. The tickets can only be updated to include more days at the festival.

Beware of the fake tickets! Make sure you only purchase tickets from resellers authorized by Provinssi. The tickets sold outside of the festival and on internet forums might be proven to be fake at the entrance.

Please be careful when displaying your tickets on social media and the internet! Make sure the barcode isn’t visible since it’s possible to copy the information of the ticket and that could prevent you from attending the festival. Provinssi is not responsible for copied or stolen tickets!



All the tickets are changed into wristbands, and only people wearing a wristband can enter the festival area.  You can change your ticket to a wristband at the gates of the festival area and at the wristband changing spots that are announced later this spring.

Only unbroken wristbands are accepted at the entrance. If the wristband is broken, you will not be allowed to enter the festival area. Provinssi doesn’t take any responsibility for lost wristbands. The festival wristband does not include the accommodation fee.

Festival wrisbands
Photo: Provinssi / Lassi Rinne



There are no age limits at Provinssi festival. All 7-year-olds and older need to have their own ticket to the festival. Prepare to prove the age of the child at the gates. Children under 7 years do not need their own wristband.

The recommended age limit is 14 years of age, and children under 12 can only attend when accompanied by an adult. The age recommendation is for the safety of young festival visitors.

You must be 18 or older to enter the serving area. Children under 12 are allowed to be in the serving area with an adult until 9pm.

It’s not allowed to bring strollers or prams to the festival area for the safety reasons. It won’t be possible to store strollers or prams in the cloakroom, so we recommend you simply leave them at home.

Visitors over 70 years of age will be able to enter the festival area for free on Thursday 29.6.2017. Please prepare to prove your age at the gates. The advantage is valid if the event is not sold-out.

Proving your age is possible by authorized ID:s, such as a driving licence, a passport and an identification card with a photo. A Kela-card is not an acceptable identification card.



We recommend using public transportation to get to the festival. It’s easy to travel to Seinäjoki by train or by bus. In addition to the other bus companies, Onnibus travels to Seinäjoki as well. The nearest airport is Vaasa Airport.

The festival area is about 3 km away from the city centre. There will be several festival buses travelling non-stop between the travel centre and the festival area during the festival.

If you arrive by car please notify that there are no parking spots near the festival area. We recommend leaving the car in the city centre and hopping on a festival bus from there



You are allowed to bring one empty or unopened water bottle or soft drink. The bottle has to be clear and max. 0,5 litres. Small unopened juice boxes are also allowed. There are several water spots in the festival area where you can refill your bottle.

Bringing your own alcoholic drinks to the festival area is not allowed. You can leave your own alcoholic drinks at the cloakroom when arriving to the area. There will be a security check at the gates.

Festival visitors are allowed to bring normal snacks like sandwiches, fruits and candy etc. to the festival area.



There are many water spots in the festival area where you can refill your water bottle. All water spots are marked in the festival area map.

You will be able to purchase different kinds of non-alcoholic drinks in the area.

Water faucets
Photo: Provinssi 



There are many serving areas, different kinds of restaurants and cafes around the festival area. You might be craving for a juicy hamburger, ethnic food or fine dining -food, there is something for everyone! Vegan options are also available.

The age limit for serving areas is 18 years of age. Children under 12 are allowed to the serving area with an adult until 9pm.



We want to make sure everyone has a great festival experience, and therefore people with reduced mobility will have easy access everywhere in the area. The festival area mainly consists of smooth fields and paths. All toilet areas are equipped with disabled toilets. The biggest stages have platforms for wheelchairs to make sure everyone can see the stage.

People with reduced mobility and other people with special needs need normal tickets to the festival. Assistants will get in for free.



Bringing alcoholic drinks (and empty alcohol containers) to the festival area is forbidden. Other forbidden items include water bottles bigger than 0,5 litres, drugs, glass bottles or -jars, guns, sharp objects such as knives or other items that can be used to inflict physical violence, multifunction tools, explosives, fireworks, laser pointers or other similar objects.

Umbrellas are also forbidden because of the visual barriers they cause. Please leave your selfie sticks at home too.

Camping chairs are not allowed at the festival area.

There will be security check at the gates of the festival area. Security guards will make the final decision about an item possibly being a safety risk in the festival area



You can leave your extra belongings, valuables and alcoholic drinks to the cloakroom. Cloakrooms are located near the Main gate. The cloakrooms open when the gates open and close 30 minutes after the gates have closed. The basic cloakroom fee is 3 euros, big items (such as big backpacks) cost 5 euros and visiting at the cloakroom costs 1 euros.

Photo: Provinssi / Pilvi Virtanen 



The VIP-area is located right next to main stage. All VIP-guests will be able to enjoy a perfect view to the main stage, a decked area, a large seating area, VIP-bars and -restaurants, high-quality toilets and other additional services. The only way to get into the VIP-area is to purchase a VIP-ticket. VIP-packages are K-18



There are charging spots in the festival area and Camp Provinssi. It’s also possible to purchase a portable power bank from info spots and Camp Provinssi. A power bank costs 20 euros plus a 10 euro deposit. You can change your empty power bank to new one for 2 euros. The size of the power bank is 7800 mAh.

Please notify that the telephone network might get crowded during the festival so we recommend you to try to arrange meetings with your friends before entering the festival area.

Provinssi Application will be released later in the spring.



The easiest and quickest way to pay at restaurants and shops is with cash, so we recommend you carry some with you during the festival. The most common debit and credit cards are acceptable in almost all the places in the area.

There are no ATMs in the festival area. The closest one is in Törnävä (address Vuoritie 6), and another ATM is approximately 1 km away from the West gate (address Koskenalantie 5). The third closest ATM is 2,4 km away at K-Market Kärki (address Toritaival 2).



Crowd surfing (jumping on top of a crowd) is forbidden in all major festivals in Europe which means it’s not allowed in Provinssi either. Crowd surfing is dangerous for you and the rest of the crowd. A person causing danger for others can be removed from the festival area.



In Provinssi we try our best to keep the festival area clean and focus on recycling trash as much as possible. There will be Green Team -workers helping you with recycling if necessary near the restaurants and at Camp Provinssi. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice from Green Team - they’re more than happy to help you!

Photo: Provinssi / Riina Aarrekorpi 



Remember to protect your ears! We recommend to take earplugs with you. Earplugs can also be purchased from info spots.



There are two taxi stands near the festival area. One is near the East gate in the intersection of Törnäväntie and Myllytie and the other is close to the West gate on Huhtalantie. We recommend you use the taxi stand near West gate because of the heavy traffic on Törnäväntie!



 Smoking is forbidden near the stages during the performances. All tent stages are entirely smoke free. Please be considerate towards non-smokers especially in crowded places and restaurant areas. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are allowed in the festival area



Feel free to take as many photos as you like during the festival, but please remember to respect the privacy of other festival visitors. Some artists might have different rules about photographing, so make sure you follow the directions of the security guards at all times.

Filming without a separate permission is not allowed.

Single-lens reflex cameras are also forbidden from the festival area. Other devices (mobile phones, digital cameras etc.) are allowed.

When publishing pictures remember to use the hashtag #provinssi!



There are several toilet areas in the festival area. There are also many disabled toilets for people with reduced mobility and people with special needs.

Please do not pee anywhere else than the toilets!



There are first aid tents at the festival area and at the campsite. Please check the festival map for the location of the first aid tent before you enter the festival area.

First aid outside of the festival area:

Y-talo, Koskenalantie 18, 60220 Seinäjoki

Phone number (8am-10pm):
06 425 5311

Phone number during the night (10pm-8am):
06 415 4555



There’s a pharmacy right next to the festival area (address Törnäväntie 20, inside of the S-Market building).

There’s also a pharmacy is in the city centre (address Kauppakatu 5).



Unfortunately there might be pickpockets at the festival so make sure to keep an eye on your belongings. We also highly recommend you not to leave valuable items in your tent. You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom or keep them with you. Keep an eye on your neighbour tents too to ensure a safe festival experience!



Please bring all items you find to the lost and found -spot that is located next to the cloakroom. The last day to ask about lost property is Sunday from 10am to 2pm. After this all the valuable items will be delivered to the police station of Seinäjoki and other items to Rytmikorjaamo. You can ask about lost items after the festival from:

Police Station of Seinäjoki / Lost and found
p. 0295415713

Police Station of Ostrobothnia / Lost and found (Mon - Fri, 8am - 4.15pm)
p. 0295415517

Rytmikorjaamo / Lost and found (Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm)
p. (06) 4212700
Vaasantie 11, Seinäjoki

All ticket types on sale now!

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