Photo: Provinssi / Kalle Marjamäki


Every year Provinssi also offers a visual experience, and the area art pieces and decorations complement the atmosphere of the festival, increasing comfort and spectacle. The festival audience can admire wonderful art pieces and decorations, which have been built almost entirely out of recycled materials.

Visual productions and entertaining shows have been a part of Provinssis identity since the beginning of the festival but during the years Provinssi have been done major step for festival experience. Festival is full of art pieces which are made of recycling materials with volunteers and society.

This is a festival of colors and people! Equality will remind us how Provinssi invites everyone to create better festival regardless of background, age, sex or other things. 

Accessibility and ecology are important themes in Provinssi's art. As a festival, Provinssi is constantly reflecting on how to guarantee everyone content that is an achievement and a safe experience for all. We also want to ensure, as a festival, that the crowd that makes the area visual is diverse. For years, we have been cooperating with SPR Hyllykallio and Lakeside Environmental Services in the province to procure materials - the key to creating art ecologically, sustainably, responsibly and respectfully. For example, Provinssi is looking for multi-year solutions as we design new elements and solutions for the festival.

The main task of  art is to enhance the festival experience and let the eyes find surprises from every corner of the festival. Provinssi also wants to strive for functionality in art using visual elements to add resting places to the area, like a sack-chair lounge in the shade of trees. Provinssi multiplied the number of seating in the festival in just two years.


Photo: Provinssi / Kalle Marjamäki 



With Sideshow and art, Provinssi wants to create a great festival experience for the festival audience. Provinssi hopes that the arts involve the public and community art, as well as ecological thinking and environmentally friendly activities. The main themes for the visuality of Provinssi of the summer of 2020 are equality, diversity and responsibility. We encourage you to come up with new ideas and suggest implementations that we haven't even thought of! Do you know people with talents, who should hear about this opportunity? Tip them about the search.

We encourage artists and workshops from different fields of art to create spectacular and practical works that take into account the beautiful region of Törnävä. You or your group can be professionals, students, amateurs or brand new creators. In art, we favor and value applications that take into account the ecological life cycle of a work, from material choices to the production of the work. In your application, please pay attention to the safety and user-friendliness, as well as its accessibility of your art work.

Since the summer of 2018, Provinssi has also seen various participatory low-threshold art workshops with a focus on, for example, recovery of recycled materials. If you or a friend are visionaries in guidance or have a visual workshop in an inclusive festival environment in mind, please let us know your ideas. 


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Photo: Provinssi / Elina Kankaisto


Artists in Provinssi

ince the summer of 2018, Provinssi has been an art gallery - works by several artists have embraced the nature. In the summer of 2019, art was collected in Art Garage, sheltered from the logs of the ancient Millyard, and in the area, inviting tired feet to rest from the festival.

The works may have been passive, may have included participatory or activating elements, or may have come to the attention of the audience, for example, during the festival or while moving among the guests.

Artists in the Provinssi can be amateurs as well as professional art groups, collectives or individuals. In principle, artists from Provinssis sideshow and art appear at the event voluntarily. In addition to the festival bracelet, we also organize catering on selected dates for selected artists as well as accommodation and travel expenses, if required. Other benefits or commissions will be negotiated separately with artists or performance groups.


Photo: Provinssi / Jesse Keinonen


Provinssi is involved in employment projects through art

In the summer of 2019, Provinssi started cooperation with various employment projects. The participants of Tolkkupaja and Youngs Start in Seinäjoki created their own works for the area together with the Provinssis Art Directors and  involved in constructing a visual Provinssi festival area. Preppaamo project also participated in the art team. Provinssi will continue this important work in the summer of 2020 and develop new ways of working with other relevant actors and projects.

Photo: Provinssi / Mika Rinta-Porkkunen