Photo: Provinssi / Sami Mutka

Welcome to Camp Provinssi!

Camp Provinssi is Provinssi’s official camping site and it's reserved for festival guests and tent accommodation only. Camp Provinssi offers accommodation right next to the festival area and is full of festive atmosphere, joy, laughter, new and old friends plus unforgettable program and activities. Camp Provinssi is the place to be when you want to get full festival experience!

Camp Provinssi tickets

Camp Provinssi tickets are sold in packages which include both a festival and a camping ticket. If you have already purchased the tickets to the festival you can buy tickets to Camp Provinssi separately. A valid festival ticket or wristband is required for entering the camping grounds. 

Tickets to Camp Provinssi are sold per person, not per tent. So each person staying in one tent needs their own Camp Provinssi ticket, no matter how many people are staying in your tent.

By purchasing a ticket to Camp Provinssi you can enjoy a wide range of services, programme and activities right next to the festival site.

Camp Provinssi opens on Wednesday 24th of June at 6 PM and closes on Sunday 28th of June at 12 PM.


Camp Provinssi 49 EUR (including only accommodation, festival ticket must be bought separately)

You can get your camping tickets here!

Photo: Provinssi / Mika Alavesa

Location and parking

Camp Provinssi is located right next to the festival area (address: Törnäväntie 22). Caravans, camper vans and cars are not allowed in the camping site. There are separate parking areas for cars and a site for caravans and camper vans.

There is a parking area for people who arrive to the festival by car. Remember to buy parking spot in advance since those will be sold out!

Kuva: Provinssi / Viljami Väisinen


Services available at Camp Provinssi include a 24/7 kiosk, food stalls, the possibility to charge your mobile phone, first aid, recycling spot, toilets, showers and saunas. A supervised sites for campfire and firewood are provided for the campers.


Again next summer Camp Provinssi will be full of fun and varied programme! Last summer’s program included bingo, karaoke, silent disco parties and stand up comedy. All this and loads more will be organised this year as well!

More information will be updated here - stay tuned!

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Photo: Provinssi / Sami Mutka 

Good to Know

  • Camp Provinssi is for festival guests only. In addition to Camp Provinssi ticket, you must have a Provinssi festival ticket or wristband when entering Camp Provinssi.
  • Grills are not allowed in Camp Provinssi. Please do your barbequeing at the designated campfire spots only.
  • Pavilions are prohibited for safety, space and environmental reasons.
  • Feel free to bring food, snacks and drinks to Camp Provinssi.
  • Camping tickets are non-refundable. Remember to keep both the festival and Camp Provinssi tickets/wristbands safe and sound. 
  • The recommended age limit for Camp Provinssi is 14+ years
  • Please note there will be no security after closing time on Sunday, so we kindly recommend every customer to leave the camping site by 12 to avoid any problems
  • Camp Provinssi is operated and organised by Provinssi

Photo: Provinssi / Mika Alavesa

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