Kuva: Provinssi / Kalle Marjamäki

How about an own camping spot from Camp Provinssi for you and your squad? How about adding a pavilion or electricity to your spot? Or even both?

In Camp Provinssi's Community Village you can have it all. Reserve a spot together with your friends and stay on a private area right next to the festival entrance. Community Village is located inside the festival's official camping site Camp Provinssi which means you can enjoy all the services of Camp Provinssi.

Limited amount of Community Village spots are on sale now at



Community Spot S 80,00€ incl. spot only
Community Spot M 140,00€ incl. spot + electricity - SOLD OUT
Community Spot L 180,00€ incl. spot + electricity + pavilion - SOLD OUT
Community Spot XL 220,00€ incl. 2 spots + electricity - SOLD OUT
Community Spot XXL 260,00€ incl. 2 spots + electricity + pavilion - SOLD OUT


Please note price includes only the spot and every camper has to buy Camp Provinssi ticket (49,00€) separately. 


Size of the Community Spot

The size of the spot is about 3,5 x 6,5 meters. One spot can fit 2 normal size 4 person tents or one 4 person tent and a pavilion. 

If your community is bigger, please purchase another spot or a XL/XXL -sized spot to make sure you will all fit! 



The pavilions provided by Provinssi are 3m x 3m size. Ordering a pavilion is only possible to Community Village area and pavilions are allowed only when set up by Provinssi. Setting up pavilions on other areas of Camp Provinssi is forbidden.

Bringing your own pavilion to Community Village is allowed due to environmental reasons. In case you would like to bring your own pavilion please contact us by email ( latest at 15th of June. All pavilions will be set up by the Community Village staff. Pavilions set up without permission will be dismantled and given back when leaving the site.



Community Village has it's own toilets, garbage bins and drinking water tap. Community Villagers can enjoy all the services of Camp Provinssi


Opening hours

Camp Provinssi's gates open on Wednesday 24th of June at 18:00 and close on Sunday 28th of June at 12:00. 


Other important info:

  • All the info and regulations of Camp Provinssi apply also to Community Village. Please read the info here.
  • Please use only electrical devises which are safe to use outside 
  • Pavilions are forbidden in other areas of Camp Provinssi
  • Cars or grills are not allowed in Camp Provinssi
  • Sharing the electricity is only allowed in XL and XXL spots
  • Please think about the nature when leaving and leave your spot nice and clean. If you're unable to take your stuff with you, please take it to the recycling point of Camp Provinssi. 
  • Note the opening hours: the cleaning will start right after the area closes, so please follow the closing time. Provinssi is not responsible for the stuff left behind. 


More information on Camp Provinssi:


REMEMBER! If you stay at school accommodation you need to fill a passenger card. You can speed up the arrival by printing and filling the passenger card in advance. You can find the passenger card from here.