Kuva: Provinssi

Container Village is sold out for the year 2020!


Comfortable indoor camping in the centre of Camp Provinssi! 

Enjoy dry and comfortable camping life indoor in the heart of Camp Provinssi! The new accommodation option Container Village is located in next to all the services of Provinssi's official camping site. Container Village is made in a temporary school building, which consists of 9 container-rooms and each "container" can accommodate 12 people.

The facilities of Container Village include plenty of indoor toilets and showers are located outside the building. An inflatable mattress is included in the accommodation price.

Village has a luggage storage room, but it is recommended to take personal belongings to the festival cloakroom.

Charging phones etc is possible as there is lot of sockets in the containers.


Camp Provinssi Container Village 100,00€ - SOLD OUT

- Accommodation for 1 person in Camp Provinssi's Container Village for the festival period (please buy festival ticket separately)
- The price includes a mattress
- Check in from 24th of June 18:00
- Check out 28th of June 12:00 at the latest

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Private container room for you and your friends? 

It's possible to reserve a whole container for a group up to 12 people.

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Good to Know

  • Camp Provinssi is for festival guests only. In addition to Camp Provinssi ticket, you must have a Provinssi festival ticket or wristband when entering Camp Provinssi.
  • Grills are not allowed in Camp Provinssi. Please do your barbequeing at the designated campfire spots only.
  • Feel free to bring food, snacks and drinks to Camp Provinssi.
  • Camping and accommodation tickets are non-refundable. Remember to keep both the festival and Camp Provinssi tickets/wristbands safe and sound. 
  • The recommended age limit for Camp Provinssi is 14+ years
  • Please note there will be no security after closing time on Sunday, so we kindly recommend every customer to leave the camping site by 12 to avoid any problems
  • Camp Provinssi is operated and organised by Provinssi


Please note! If you stay at school accommodation you need to fill a passenger card. You can speed up the arrival by printing and filling the passenger card in advance. You can find the passenger card from here.


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