Erika Vikman

Summer’s best disco is here! One of 2020’s most discussed musical phenomenon is without a doubt Erika Vikman! Shameless, bold, and dangerously catchy disco music making Vikman was on everyone’s lips last spring, when she competed to be Finland’s Eurovision contestant with the disco banger ”Cicciolina”. Although she did not win the contest, she did win the hearts of a large fan base.

Erika Vikman first became known after she won the title of  Tango Queen in a Finnish singing competition. The style and image created for her after that did not give her the creative freedom she craved for, until she changed labels, and finally got to make the music she always wanted.

In August 2020 Vikman released her latest single ”Syntisten pöytä”, which completely lived up to everyone’s expectations. The song and it’s music video represent Erika as we know her: personal and honest. These disco hits, pure in style, combined with her unique voice and polished visuals result in a spectacle worth witnessing!

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