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Volunteering in the accommodation team means being in charge of the customers’ and other volunteers’ well-being in either the school accommodation or the campsite of Provinssi. The most important tasks are welcoming the people to said accommodations, taking care of the cafeteria in the school accommodation and looking after the overall tidiness. You must be 15 or over to be a part of the accommodation team and the tasks take place during the festival.


Accreditation volunteers will be at Provinssi’s Check In points, where the main duty is to check the identity of the staff members, media or guests arriving to the festival and make sure they are given the right passes. This station requires carefulness, basic skills in information technology and positive attitude in customer service. Accreditation tasks take place mainly during the festival.

Area art and visualisation

The area art and visualisation team primarily needs volunteers with handy skills, like painters, sewers and people who are capable of woodwork. Please let us know on the application form if you happen to have any special skills related to said areas! No special skills are necessarily required if you have an excited attitude and a desire to learn new things. You must be 15 or over to be a part of the area art and visualisation team.

Area visualisation
Photo: Provinssi / Pasi Ahola


The catering volunteers will ensure that the artists, staff and volunteers of Provinssi are fed and nourished during the festival. Having previous experience from catering is a bonus, but not a necessity. The most important thing is to make sure that enough food is being served, things stay clean and the service is friendly. All catering tasks, except the ones at Staff-restaurant (staff, volunteers), require that you’re over 18. Catering tasks take place mainly during the festival. 

Cleaning and environment

The cleaning and environment team is the one we’ll primarily accept under 18 year old volunteers to be a part of. The cleaning and recycling volunteers will make sure the festival area and campsite stay tidy. The tasks vary depending on which area the volunteers work in. Some of the volunteers will be signed to the Green Team that’s in charge of distributing environmental and recycling advice around the whole festival. The task is easy with proper tools. You must be 15 or over to be a part of the cleaning and environment team. The tasks take place during the festival.

Information point

Volunteers at the information point should have a great customer service attitude and a non-stop smile on their face. The information point is an important place for the customers of the festival, and the task includes knowing where the stages, water supply points and first aid points are. You must be 15 or over to work at the information point and the tasks take place during the festival.


Merchandise volunteers will be selling fan products to customers, so a good customer service spirit and a happy mood are great assets for the task! Previous experience in working with cash registers is a bonus. You must be 15 or over to be a part of the merchandise team. The tasks take place during the festival.

Other Services

In other services team tasks vary from taking care of the Camp kiosk to tasks related to the side shows. Tasks are mainly customer service so kind and brisk attitude and cheerful mind are required! The tasks take place during the festival.

Camp Provinssi beach
Photo: Provinssi / Mika Alavesa

Restaurants / Bars (Age limit 18)

Restaurant volunteers will be at the festival area restaurants and bars making sure that they’re running fluently. Tasks vary from moving and lifting stuff to washing dishes and other variable actions. You won’t need any earlier experience since the most important thing is a brisk attitude but knowing kitchen and bar field is a bonus! The tasks take place during the festival. 

Security (Age limit 18)

Being part of the security team means guiding, directing and taking care of the overall safety of the festival and customers. Security guards will be in pairs so no one will have to face a difficult situation alone. The security guards will be signed to teams before the festival, but the teams might change during the festival.

Having a security guard license isn’t compulsory, since we’ll be applying for temporary licenses for the people without them from the authorities.

You must be 18 or over to be a part of the security team.


Stagehand volunteers will be helping to get things to their right places at the stages. Stagehand tasks include lifting and moving heavy packages, so good physical strength and high endurance are important. The tasks take place mainly during the festival.

Super team (Age limit 18)

Volunteers in a super team are adaptable to different situations and they help other volunteer teams by switching between different tasks. These superbeings can other moment be at the restaurant making sure customers are nourished and the other helping to clean the Mainland stage area. Being a super team volunteer requires fast assimilating of things and brisk and fearless attitude. The tasks take place during the festival.

Ticket sale and wristband exchange

The volunteers at this station are the first people who meet our customers during the festival. The ticket sale and wristband exchange team will make sure that all the customers end up with the right ticket and wristband they need. Being at this station requires a cheerful and brisk attitude, and previous experience with cash registers is a bonus. You must be 15 or over to be a part of the ticket sale and wristband exchange team. The tasks take place during the festival.

Wristband exchange
Photo: Provinssi / Petri Anttila

Questions about the volunteering tasks?

E-mail us at staff(at)provinssi.fi