Provinssi ❤ Carbon neutrality

Photo: Nordic Offset 2019

Provinssi can now confirm that it has reached its environmental goal by reaching the status of a carbon neutral festival by the summer of 2019!

The carbon footprint for Provinssi 2019 was 265,8 tons CO₂ equivalent in total which equals, for example, to 1,7M kilometers driven by car in its emission. The carbon footprint of a single Provinssi festival goer is 3,63kg CO₂ e which equals to 1,5 coffee packages in its emission.

The calculations for Provinssi’s carbon footprint include factors in the traffic emission within passenger travel and logistics, energy consumption, purchases and waste disposal. Factors such as food sales, the festival’s own fan products and customer travel were left out of the calculation because of the inability of Provinssi to impact those directly. 

The carbon footprint of Provinssi was compensated by a donation equal to its emissions to support a sustainability project aiming to slow down deforestry in Uganda. This Gold Standard certified project aims to replace cooking appliances running on non-renewable biomass by cleaner and more energy effective boilers. These new boilers lessen the need to cut down forests, save carbon sinks, and support the diversity of the local nature. The use of the new boilers also improves the local social conditions by, for example, creating savings for the families due to lower fuel costs, improving the air quality, and creating new jobs. A single new boiler lessens the carbon emissions by an estimated 2,5 tons of CO₂ per year. The donation by Provinssi enables more than 100 new boilers to be taken into use.