Provinssi ❤ Environmental friendly festival goer

Photo: Provinssi / Petteri Hentilä

Helps us achieve our environmental goals!

Take a note on these tips to become more sustainable festival goer!

  1. Throw you waste to the correct bins! There are plenty of waste bins for all different waste types at the festival site. The Green Team will help you sort your waste correctly.
  2. Don’t throw your cigarettes to the ground! Did you know that cigarettes won’t ever decompose completely? You can sort your cigarettes as energy waste as long as you stub them out first.
  3. Bring only essential items to the festival site. By making sure you take everything what you brought with you and by cleaning your camp when leaving, you will significantly decrease the waste of the festival. Don’t throw away anything that can be reused. To ease the cleaning process you can pack smartly and travel only with the necessities.
  4. Don’t buy disposable items for the festival, such as tents, rain coats and earplugs. Prefer items that can be reused.
  5. Peeing in the bushes is prohibited (and embarassing). Rather use some of the 500 toilets at the site!
  6. Bring your own water bottle! There are plenty of water taps at the site where you can refill your own bottle. You are allowed to bring one max 0,5 liter empty / unopened, translucent bottle inside the festival area.
  7. Recycle and make money out of your bottles and cans! You can recycle your bottles and cans in the serving areas. Empty bottles and cans are also collected by volunteers in Camp Provinssi and other areas.
  8. Prefer public transport. We encourage our festival guests from other cities to arrive by public transport. It’s easy and it’s cheap! Who needs a car when the train is faster?
  9. If you really need to arrive by your own car, fill your vehicle with your dream squad and take your friends to Provinssi with you! Or use a carpool. Both ways!
  10. Every food vendor in Provinssi serves vegetarian and vegan options – try them out and make the world a better place!