Photo: Provinssi / Riikka Vaahtera

Festival of People has all you need! Provinssi is paying attention to great quality services, which are diverse, available and accessible to everyone. Together with our partners we are making sure our customers get the best service in Provinssi.

On this page you will find information gathered about next summer’s Provinssi’s services and their availability.


The diverse selection of restaurants and colourful flavours of Provinssi are developing and extending year by year. Again on next summer we will see plenty of new and exciting restaurant concepts, along the well-known old favourites.

The restaurants of Provinssi will offer everything from ethnic to Finnish food and from modern and experimental to the traditional dishes. You can have a taste of everything from hod dogs and fries to fine dining.

Every restaurant, food stall and truck will offer at least one vegetarian option, and almost every restaurant will have also vegan option in their menu. Different diets and common allergies are taken into account.

For the thirsty festival guests Provinssi’s bars offer high quality drinks from soft to strong ones, sparkling and fine wines, alcohol free drinks and lemonades.

Plenty of cafés, pastries and ice cream bars will also be around.

You won’t stay hungry on this festival for too long!

More information about Provinssi’s restaurants will be updated closer to festival.


The VIP services of Provinssi are developing and diversifying year by year.

In the VIP By Ideapark lounge you will enjoy exclusive and comfortable festival experience along high-quality selection of food restaurants and bars. The VIP lounge of Provinssi provides lots of covered and outside seating area and VIP toilets.

More information about VIP By Ideapark lounge and its services will be updated later.


Cloak room is located nearby Provinssi’s entrance and you can leave and keep your extra belongings in there safely while you’re enjoying festival.

Exact location, opening hours and prices of the cloak room will be updated here closer to festival.


Provinssi’s INFO service point is located centrally in the festival area. From INFO you will get help for anything you need or an answer to any question you have in mind. The helpful INFO-Team is also making rounds around the festival area by foot. You will recognise the INFO-team by their blue vests and an info sign.

Don’t hesitate to ask them anything!

Photo: Provinssi / Riikka Vaahtera

More information about different services will be updated on this page later.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please contact us at info(at)provinssi.fi.