Hip hop supergroup Run The Jewels (USA) make their long-awaited Provinssi debut in June. The USA-based duo, formed by El-P ja Killer Mike, have become one of the biggest names in hip hop scene after releasing three albums and sold out arena shows around the world.
Scotland’s finest rock group Biffy Clyro (UK) make their welcomed return to Seinäjoki after highly praised show in 2016. The trio is currently working on two new albums and a movie project. One of Sweden’s most beloved bands The Sounds (SWE) have established their status as a great live act with their with their sing-along rock anthems and high energy shows.
Swedish extreme metal group Meshuggah (SWE) represent the darker and heavier side of Provinssi. After releasing their latest album last fall, American PVRIS (USA) are making their way to Provinssi after years of waiting. The USA-basend trio combines post-hardcore with alternative rock sound and have toured the stadiums alongside with bands like Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Alternative rock bands Basement (UK) and The Hunna (UK), and the indie talent Superorganism (UK) are representing the new British invasion. International line up also includes Danish rap artist Noah Carter who has been compared to Drake and grime artists from Skepta to Stormzy.
Disco Ensemble play their farewell show in Provinssi before calling it quits later this year.
Provinssi bill also includes some of the biggest names from Finnish urban music scene. Organic hip hop trio Atomirotta will release their third album later this spring. Pop singer Evelina has risen to fame with more than 50 million Spotify streams, and rapper Gettomasa made his breakthroug with his debut album “Chosen One” in 2016 and have also released new material earlier this year.
Finnish metal band Mokoma play two sets in Provinssi. The first one is an acoustic show at Amphitheatre Stage on Thursday, and the band will amplify their heavy sound on Friday. Singer-actor Samuli Edelmann & Orkestra Suora Lähetys is also added to Amphitheare stage’s line up.
Provinssi musical opens the Amphitheatre Stage program on all three festival days. The musical was selected as one of the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s main projects this year. Musical is starred by actors Maria Lund, Kimmo Blom, Irina Vartia and Ville Orttenvuori to name a few. 
Over 50 new artists and other festival news to follow!