PROVINSSI X HOLIDAYS Merchandise collection is now on sale!

Provinssi retro collection is back in the form of face masks and lovely Holiday Sweaters are here to keep you warm!

The new merchandise collection of Provinssi is now on sale in Backstage Rock Shop’s Provinssi shop:

The new collection includes lovely and traditional Provinssi Christmas Sweaters and facial masks with Provinssi retro designs.

The Provinssi sweater collection is designed by Provinssi’s Art Director, Jenna Haapaharju and will bring warmth and joy to your winter. The shirt is made 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. More information about the product is given in the Backstage Rock Shop website. This sweater is perfect Christmas gift!

The popular Provinssi retro collection launched in 2018 has made a comeback this autumn in the form of two face masks. The designs are from the Provinssi posters of 1979 and 1987 designed by Timo Saari. Masks are double-layered, the inner layer is 100% cotton and the outer layer polyester. More information about the masks in Backstage Rock Shop’s website.

In addition, one can find Provinssi tote bags and other products from the previous festivals with reduced prices from the Provinssi shop.