Provinssi festival area expands

Provinssi is bigger and better than ever this year with the renovations that have been made to the area. The services have been improved as well.

The Main Gate at Törnäväntie will be located in a new place in the middle of the street. The new route makes it possible for Carlings Stage to be closer to the Main Gate and the Törnävä Summer Theatre. The new PA system at the Mainland Stage has improved the sound and visibility to the stage even from the back of the field.

Also the VIP area is relocated to straight across the Mainland Stage offering a brilliant view for the VIP guests. The VIP gate is located at Huhtalantie, close to the Mainland Stage and VIP area.

The Pavilion at the Food Garden will be transformed into The Honey Room space, which offers a groundbreaking and diverse program. The visual elements of the space are provided by Sun Effects, who are also behind the lighting renovations made to the festival area.

All the services are accessible and there’s also an accessibility map provided. There will be even more toilets and hand sanitation points around the festival area.

Check area map from here.