As the leading provider of jeans and denim in Scandinavia, Carlings has since its beginning in the 1980’s had two main passions – denim and music.

For over 30 years Carlings has cheered on both small, local artists and bigger international acts. They have also joined forces with several other festivals in the Nordics, supplying festival merch, clothes, and good vibes to the festival goers. In 2019, Carlings joined the Provinssi festival site with a pop-up store and a stage.

Carlings is back for 2022, and in their pop-up store you can find everything from thick sweaters to comfy socks, and of course the official Provinssi 2022 merchandise. At the festival you can even print your own Provinssi t-shirt! This year you can also buy the official Provinssi festival merch at Carlings.com before the festival even starts.

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