Art program

Photo: Provinssi / RiikkaVaahtera


Provinssi is a visual festival which gives experiences with sideshows and art to the festival guests every year. Visual productions and entertaining shows have been a part of Provinssi’s identity since the beginning.

Sideshow offers surprises and amazing shows. Dance performances will create overall festival mood. There have been over a hundred sideshow performers from different cultures, ages, genders and backgrounds in Provinssi during the recent festivals.

Art pieces and visuality in Provinssi fulfills the atmosphere and make the festival site more cosy and gorgeous. Audience can enjoy great art, which is built almost entirely with recycling materials every year. We aim to build Provinssi as ecologically as possible, not forgetting accessibility.

We are looking for new and diverse artists, art collaborations and projects every year to build the best art program together with us. Instructions for applying will be announced later.

Art program will be published during the spring 2022!