Photo: Provinssi / Elina Kankaisto

Each year, Provinssi offers festival experiences to its audience in sideshow. The ambitious program numbers in the area have been part of Provinssi’s identity since the very beginning of the festival. For example, in 1981, the Tuiskula Circus Orchestra, the Helsinki Student Theater, and the Emerging Theater group performed in Provinssi.

Sideshow has always been important part of creating the overall festival experience of Provinssi. Provinssi expects the program and the arts to engage the festival guests, including ecological thinking and environmentally friendly activities in the acts. The main themes of the summer of 2021 in art are equality, diversity and responsibility.  We encourage our artists to come up with new ideas and suggest implementations that we haven’t even thought of! Do you know people with talents, who should hear about this opportunity? Tip them about Provinssi’s art search, which starts again during the spring of 2021.

Sideshow in Provinssi

Sideshow will be built with different artists, as well as amateur and professional. Inside the festival have been circus artists, samba parade, marching band, magicians and impro groups. Also in year 2019 we had beer yoga and festival predictions. Also in same year you might have seen impro songs, different music performances or even unicorns. Those moments are exciting, riveting and they will make Provinssi the way it is.

 Provinssis sideshow and art appear at the event voluntarily. In addition to the festival bracelet, we also organize catering on selected dates for selected artists as well as accommodation and travel expenses, if required. Other benefits or commissions will be negotiated separately with artists or performance groups.

Kaikkien Festari Project

“Kaikkien Festari” translates as “Everyone’s festival” in English, and that’s basically what the project is about.

In summer 2019 Provinssi started cooperation with Kaikkien Festari project. Kaikkien Festari is supported by ministry of education and culture of Finland. It addresses the issue of achieving inclusion and equality at festivals, also for the performers. The goal of the project is to increase the recognition and visibility of festivals and events that enhance non-discrimination and set an example for equality.

In year 2019 stand up comedians Sokko & Mamu and troubadour Jukka Törmä performed in Provinssi through Kaikkien Festari.

Sideshow 2019