The Honey Room

Kuva: Sari Soininen

The Törnävänsaari Dance Pavilion has seen all kinds of beloved and rugged life over the years, and the upcoming Provinssi festival will be no exception. The pavilion will offer nourishment for both the soul and the mind in its serene and dim ambiance.

The core idea of The Honey Room is to provide space for diverse voices, images, and art, focusing on performance arts, media, and talk programs rather than music. The program content is boldly built each year, prioritizing values and even difficult topics.


Each day, MaijaFitness‘s gentle movement will open The Honey Room’s program. Maija’s guided exercises offer you a chance to take a breath from the festival hustle and take care of your body and mind over the weekend. On Thursday, Flow Motion prepares for the People’s Celebration, Friday’s Relax and Energize will refresh the body shaken by camping and partying, and Saturday’s Mind and Motion session allows your mind to wander to the mountain peaks.

This year, The Honey Room will feature documentaries on various topics provided by Yle Areena. In the middle of a busy festival day, you can grab food and drinks from the Food Garden and immerse yourself in the world of documentaries in The Honey Room.

One of the charity focuses of Provinssi is the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters (ETKL), which will bring discussions to The Honey Room about relationships – delightful relationships, toxic relationships, consent, and how to be non-violent. What are the red flags and green flags?

The Jäbät & tunteet (Guys & Emotions) Conversation Club is a community-driven discussion concept offering the chance to experience the festival hype with full emotion. Meet yourself, your feelings, and express them by discussing and unleashing your full emotional potential before the festival’s main event. Let’s feel together – Welcome to the process!

“A safer, trashier, queer celebration of pop music with the purpose of bringing more low brow fun into y’all’s lives!” is the embodiment of trash entertainment, lowbrow culture, queer fun, and a grand celebration of pop music. HOMODISCO not only offers highly danceable music but also features “DJ” HIILARIHINTTI, also known as drag artist Rätt Queen.

Is the heavy metal audience aging? Truth or nonsense? A panel discussion will explore the current state of heavy metal and hard rock in our country with a light but knowledgeable approach. The average age of the heavy metal audience is rising, and the genre is thirsty for young blood. What does the future look like? The panel is orchestrated by Professor of Arts Management and heavy metal researcher Toni-Matti Karjalainen from the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. The panelists are Katja Vauhkonen (K.Vauhkosen musiikit ja meiningit), Marko Annala (Mokoma) and Katariina Sorsa (Ikinä). The panel discussion will be held in Finnish.

The lovely Ina Mikkola returns to Provinssi with new stories! Ina Mikkola is a journalist, director, and author who aims to break taboos and dispel shame through her work. She has dealt extensively with topics such as sexuality. She is known, for example, for her Golden Venla-winning documentary series Ina ❤ Porno, the bestseller book Runkkarin käsikirja, and the highly popular podcast Runkkarin ystäväkirja. Last year, Mikkola brought her new work to Provinssi: a live show containing sex stories called Runkkarin päiväkirjaklubi, which also gained great popularity. Runkkarin päiväkirjaklubi returns this year to The Honey Room with new stories.

We know that some festival-goers struggle with the decision to stay in the Törnävänsaari celebration or head to the sports screening. We’ve made the decision easier: Saturday evening will feature the Euro Cup football watch party, as Provinssi offers the chance to watch the quarterfinals on a big screen! Refreshments and snacks for the football experience are conveniently available right outside The Honey Room at the Food Garden.


The Honey Room is accessible. There is a wide ramp leading to the venue and seating is available inside. 2 cm threshold from ramp to inside.  Please note that depending on the program flashing lights/loud music may be used.