Volunteer’s info page 2024


Welcome to volunteer at Provinssi!

On this page you can find all of the information about volunteering.

In case there’s something you can’t find on this page, please contact us:

Email: crew(at)provinssi.fi

WhatsApp: Will be informed later

Please keep in mind that the closer the festival the more questions we get through email and WhatsApp. We kindly ask you to be patient when waiting for a response.

Volunteering team:

HR producer: Susanna Kauppinen

HR trainee: Enna Hanka

  • Congratulations, you have got an acceptance letter to your email and got to know your own team. You are officially accepted to volunteer in Provinssi, we are happy to have you!

    Below you can find information about what will happen during the spring and summer 2024 before your arrival to Törnävä.

    Info letters and other info:

    • All important info will be shared via email and on this site!
    • Volunteer phone (for messages and calls): Will be informed later.
    • Information about schedules will be sent to you closer to the summer by your supervisor.
    • Information about accommodation has been sent via email.

    Contact of your supervisor:

    • Every team has its own supervisor who will be the closest contact of the team.
    • Your supervisor will contact you during the spring or beginning of the summer and provide the information about your schedules and more detailed information about volunteering in general.
    • Supervisors will contact their volunteers at the latest on Tuesday 4th of June 2024.


    • Your supervisor is responsible for your schedules and shifts.
    • The supervisor of the team will inform you about your shifts before you start as a volunteer.
      • You will be informed about your shifts at the latest two weeks before the start of Provinssi, i.e. Wednesday, 12th of June 2024.
    • If you’re not sure when to arrive to Provinssi, your volunteering days will most likely be the days you marked on the application.
    • Read more about the shifts below.

    Wishes in your application:

    • We will do our best to fulfill everyone’s wishes about teams, friends for shifts and the days.
    • Unfortunately, we will not able to fulfill all the wishes so we kindly ask for an adaptive and open mind.

    • The orange coloured routes are meant only for members of CREW such as volunteers.
    • Volunteers can enter the area during their shifts from the Service Gate 4 and Fast Lane.
    • Please don’t use the CREW routes, CREW enterances or hang out in the CREW area during your free time.
    • Use the customer enterance’s on your free time.
    • All volunteers are responsible for getting themselves to the festival area and unfortunately Provinssi won’t be compensating any travel expenses.
    • We recommend volunteers to use public transport, carpool and cycling when arriving to the festival area, because there’s a very limited amount of parking space available around the festival.
    • Please don’t use CREW enterances on your free time. When not on shift use the main enterance.

    Please note if you arrive by car that Törnäväntie is closed for public traffic.


    The festival area is located in Törnävä, about 3 kilometres away from the centre of Seinäjoki. The exact address of the festival area is Törnäväntie 20.

    Festival opening hours:

    Thursday 27.6. gates open 1.30PM-2.30AM

    Friday 28.6. gates open 1.00PM-2.30AM

    Saturday 29.6. gates open 1.00PM-2.30AM


    There will be a special CREW bus taking volunteers from the school accommodation to the festival area and back on festival days. You can ride this bus free of charge by showing the CREW wristband to the driver. You can check the timetable here: 

    Bike park:

    During your volunteer shifts you can use our Crew bike park if you are arriving by bike. It is open from thursday to saturday only. It locates when you entry to the festival area through Service Gate 4 and immediately on the left.

    • Please, remember to take an official ID card or passport with you to the check-in!
    • CREW Check-in is your first stop when arriving to the festival.
    • All volunteers must go to the CREW Check-in to sign up before starting their first tasks!
    • When signing up you will receive the CREW wristband, CREW shirt and meal tickets. Wristband is personal so it can not be given to anyone else.
    • We recommend that those volunteers who live in Seinäjoki or nearby will collect their wristbands etc. before the festival, since the CREW Check-in might be very busy the closer the festival gets.
    • We suggest reserving at least 30 minutes for the check-in, so please arrive in advance before your tasks are starting. We suggest going to CREW Check-in at least at 1,5 hour before the scheduled start of the tasks because the CREW Check-in locates in the city centre.
    • We suggest that Restaurant and Security teams will go to CREW Check-in two hours before tasks are starting.

      • The team supervisor makes the final decisions about the team’s check-in times and arriving to shifts, so always follow their instructions even though this page may guide otherwise.

    CREW Check-in Marttilan koulu/school

    Opening hours:
    Mon 24.6. NOT OPEN
    Tue 25.6. 12.00 22.00
    Wed 26.6. 12.00 20.00
    Thu 27.6. 9.00 16.00
    Fri 29.6. NOT OPEN
    Sat 30.6. NOT OPEN


    Security check:

    • There will be a security check when arriving to the festival area. You can bring your own lunch and non-alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks are forbidden. 
  • When the CREW check-in is done and you have found your own supervisor and volunteer team, your first tasks in Provinssi can begin!

    Please, be on time and arrive early to your shift. If you’re running late or you’re unable to come at all, remember to notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

    If you have to cancel, inform our HR team ([email protected]) and your supervisor ASAP.

    Schedules and shifts:

    • During the festival we offer approximately 16-18 hours of tasks in total. Usually tasks are divided into two (2) eight (8) hour shifts. 
    • Volunteering days are usually 8 hours long, but can vary depending on the team.


    • You will receive your shifts from the team supervisor closer to the festival.
    • Please feel free to ask your team supervisor any questions about your shifts and changes at this point of the process!
    • It’s possible to switch the shifts with someone at the same station as you if you’re both willing to do so. It’s extremely important that all switches are discussed with the supervisor.
    • During the festival days the first shifts will start earliest at 10am and last shifts will end latest at 3am.


    • Every volunteer will have a meal break, and coffee breaks if needed, during the tasks.
    • The shifts will be planned in a way that everyone has a chance to have a break in between.
    • The supervisor of your team will inform you about the breaks at the site. You can always ask them for permission for a break during the tasks.
    • Always ensure that you’re not leaving the task point unattended or the tasks unfinished when going for a break.
    • Because the athmosphere of the festival is hectic and the situations are changing fast, we ask for flexibility from everyone about the hours and breaks.

    CREW T-shirt:

    • You’ll receive a special Provinssi CREW T-shirt that should be worn while performing tasks as a volunteer.
    • Please make sure you only wear the T-shirt while volunteering! It is prohibited to wear the CREW T-shirt when you are not volunteering at the festival.


    • Volunteers are the driving force of Provinssi, and the festival simply couldn’t happen without you. This is why we appreciate the effort a lot and we hope that all people applying to volunteer are also ready to commit to volunteer at Provinssi.
    • If for some reason you are not able to participate in the volunteering position you’ve been signed up to, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us to crew(at)provinssi.fi.
    • If you are accepted as a security guard with a temporary guard license and can’t make it after all, please inform us before the 7th of June 2024. If you have to cancel after that, we will have to charge you the commission fee for the temporary license (35 €).
    • All who have picked up the CREW wristband are committed to perform and finish their tasks as a volunteer.
    • If you can’t arrive at your shift and fail to inform us, or you appear drunk during the volunteering and/or while wearing your CREW t-shirt, we will remove you from the festival area and the wristband will be cut off.
    • Remember to check in with your supervisor when arriving at your shift so they are aware of your attendance.
    • Staff access passes and wristbands are personal and must not be transferred to others. Misuse will result in a police report.

    Official sobriety paragraph:

    • Please remember that as a volunteer you represent Provinssi. As a volunteer you’re accountable for your behaviour to your supervisor, the organization behind Provinssi, your fellow volunteers and the entire festival crowd.
    • Volunteers are not allowed to complete tasks while intoxicated or hungover. Consuming alcohol during tasks or while wearing CREW t-shirt is strictly forbidden.
    • The supervisor of your station or any representative of the festival organization have the right to demand a breathalyzer test if they have any reason to suspect a volunteer violating the sobriety paragraph.
    • Anyone breaking the sobriety paragraph will be removed from the festival area immediately and their wristband will be cut off.

    Social media, publicity and using phone during tasks:

    • We want everyone to see how fun it is to be a volunteer at Provinssi! Take a picture of your volunteering task and post it on your social media using hashtag #provinssicrew. We will share it to the world to see! Please note, do not share a picture of people that can be recognized and keep in mind the general rules of social media.
    • Other than this, leave the phone in your pocket and focus on the task and enjoy the happy festival feeling! Your supervisor might set other rules regarding social media, please respect them and act accordingly.
    • Don’t share photos on social media of your wristband or festival pass!
    • There are always rumors going around the festival area but don’t contribute to spreading them! Correct people who are spreading the rumors if you happen to know the truth in the situations.
    • If you hear or notice incorrect information spreading somewhere, please inform your team supervisor first or contact crew(at)provinssi.fi.
    • All announcements and interviews etc. that have something to do with the festival will go through the spokesperson of Provinssi.


    Provinssi is committed to follow the principles that advance the execution of equality, diversity and parity within the music industry. We want to guarantee all our employees, partners and also our audience an environment that is safe and free of discrimination. We require everyone who represents the festival i.e. the employees, partners and also the audience to follow these principles.

  • Before the festival, make sure you have electronically signed the volunteer agreement. If you encounter any issues with it, please contact crew(at)provinssi.fi. For volunteers under 18, a guardian must sign the agreement (detailed instructions have been sent via email).

    • ID (passport, drivers license, an identity card with a photo)
    • Money: Every vendor in Provinssi has a payment terminal, so payment is possible with a debit card, contactless card and mobile payment everywhere in the festival area. Remember, that you can pay with contactless payment up to 50 euros.
    • Clothes suitable to the weather and your tasks
      • Check out the weather forecast before packing!
      • The days might be hot and it’s important to protect yourself from the sun properly.
      • The festival nights can be cold so we also suggest packing warm clothes with you.
      • A raincoat and rain boots (Taking umbrellas with you to festival area is forbidden)
      • Make sure your clothes are comfortable and appropriate for the tasks and you don’t mind them possibly getting dirty.
    • Good and comfortable shoes. We don’t recommend wearing high heels or sandals as you’ll be standing a lot during the tasks.
    • A water bottle (Remember to drink a lot of water! There are many water stations where your bottlecan be filled. You can bring your own transparent bottle which is empty and no bigger than 0,5l. Also small unopened juice boxes are allowed.)
    • Earplugs
    • A charger (You can find phone charger place in the festival area)
    • Sunscreen
    • Volunteer spirit, open mind and good vibes!

    We recommend to leave all your valuables at home.

  • Accommodation places have been announced by Welcome to volunteer -email. 

    • Provinssi will provide accommodation for all volunteers arriving to Seinäjoki from over 15 km away during the festival from Wednesday 26.6. to Sunday 30.6. Unfortunately we don’t have the option to provide accommodation before/after the festival.
    • Volunteers will be placed in either school accommodation or campsite accommodation.
    • The spaces in the campsite accommodation are limited, so we’re afraid we can’t promise that all volunteers who chose the campsite will fit there. 
    • Being considerate towards other volunteers is especially important in the school accommodation: the accommodation is for sleeping and not for partying.

    School accommodation:

    • Location: Marttilan koulu (Kirkkokatu 9, 60100 Seinäjoki)
    • Openings: Wed 26.6. 18.00 – Sun 30.6. 12.00
    What you should take with you to school accommodation:

    We will provide a mattress at the school accommodation and we recommend you bring:

    • A pillow and a sleeping bag / a duvet and sheets
    • You can also bring your own air mattress or sleeping pad
    • A charger for your phone
    • Hygiene supplies (towel, etc…)
    • Sleeping mask, earplugs

    Camping accommodation:

    • Location: When you arrive from Service Gate 4, immediately on the right.
    • Openings: Wed 26.6. 18.00 – Sun 30.6. 12.00
    • The volunteers’ camping accommodation is at Camp Provinssi so you can use showers, toilets and other services at Camp Provinssi. There are also toilets and showers in Törnävän kartano.
    • Crew Camp is located in the Provinssi area. You arrive at Crew Camp from Service Gate 4 and you get in with your accommondation wristband. Crew Camp is immediately on the right when you come from Service Gate 4. You have to do Crew Check-in at Marttilan koulu (Kirkkokatu 9) before arriving at the Crew Camp because you’ll get the accommondation wristband from there. You can use the services of camping with accommondation wristbrand and will find more information from here: https://www.provinssi.fi/en/camp-provinssi/
    What should you take with you to camping accommodation:

    We will only provide the space for a tent at the campsite accommodation, so we recommend you bring:

    • A tent
    • A sleeping pad / mattress
    • A pillow and a sleeping bag / a duvet and sheets
    • A charger for your phone
    • Hygiene supplies (towel, etc…)
    • Sleeping mask and earplugs
    Monday 26.6.
    Tue 27.6. / Wed 28.6 / Sun 2.7.
    Thu 29.6. – Sat 1.7.
    Lunch + Dinner

    The location of the CREW Cafeteria can be found on the map published later.

    • All volunteers will receive meal tickets, 1 ticket per task day 
    • Each volunteer is entitled to 1 warm meal during the days they volunteer at the festival (if you volunteer more than 8 hours, you’ll have a chance to eat twice).
    • We will try our best to cater to everyone’s dietary needs.
    • The CREW Cafeteria will also provide water, juice, coffee and tea free of charge for all volunteers during the festival. 
    • Volunteers can also purchase snacks from the CREW Cafeteria during the festival.
  • You are allowed and you should have fun during the festival but remember these things when you are out of tasks:

    • The CREW area is meant only for volunteers that are currently on shift. Hanging out in the CREW area while not volunteering is prohibited. Storing alcoholic drinks in the CREW area is also prohibited.
    • Security has the right to remove a person from the CREW area if they are using it outside shifts. If you are in the crew area during your freetime, your wristband can be removed.
    • Please don’t use CREW enterances on your free time. When not on shift, use the main enterance.
    • Only wear your CREW t-shirt during your tasks, so that the customers of the festival will not interrupt your days off at the festival!
    • Hanging out in the CREW Area while intoxicated or hungover is forbidden.
    • Sharing photos on social media during your time off is fine and encouraged but remember the task rules: Don’t share photos of your pass, wristband, or any private things!
    • Have plenty of fun, see a lot of gigs and enjoy!

    Provinssi volunteer afterparty:

    Information will be added later.

  • Important information:



  • When do I get to know my team and schedules?

    The volunteers will receive their team information and schedules at different times depending on which team they are at, since each station has a different supervisor. If you haven’t received information about your schedules by the 12th of June 2024, please contact us at crew(at)provinssi.fi.

    Can I go see the performances during my free time and days off?

    Yes you can! As a volunteer you will receive a CREW wristband which will enable you to move around the festival area as you please during all three days of the festival.

    How do I know which team I’ll work at?

    Your team is written at the top of the acceptance letter sent to your email.

    I’m volunteering before the festival. Can I get campsite accommodations?

    Campsite accommodation is open only during the festival. Take a look to section 5: Accommodation

    How far away is the festival area from the train station?

    The train station/travel centre is less than 4 km away from the festival area. There will be a festival bus traveling from the train station to the festival area, so make sure you check the timetables and prices that will be updated closer to spring.

    I volunteer before the festival. Can I get accommodations also for time on festival?

    Provinssi offers you accommodation only if you volunteer during the festival days. In case you are volunteering before the festival, you have to take care of accommodation by yourself. Take a look at the section 5: Accommodation.

    Can I drive my car to the festival area?

    We don’t recommend arriving to the festival area by car, simply because of the lack of parking spaces. Nevertheless, you can see the place of CREW parking area in map. 

    Can I bring my own guard tools to the festival area if I have a security guard license?

    It’s forbidden to bring any stronger tools to the festival area, so there’s no need to take any with you to Provinssi at all. Rules about permitted items apply to both the volunteers and to the festival goers.

    I won’t be able to come and volunteer after all, what do I do?

    If you realize you are not able to make it to your volunteering tasks, please inform us as soon as possible by emailing us at staff(at)provinssi.fi, so we can find a volunteer to replace you. If you can’t make it after all and fail to inform us, you will complicate the festival experience of your fellow volunteers and weaken the performance of the entire team. Therefore we kindly ask you to keep us updated.

    My supervisor hasn’t take contact to me / I don’t know who is my supervisor. What I should do?

    The supervisor will contact the volunteers at the latest 4th of June 2024. If you haven’t got the email, please contact the HR team (crew(at)provinssi.fi).

    • The most important task of a volunteer is to ensure that the customers are happy and safe.
    • Be friendly! A well served and happy customer will return to the festival next year. You represent Provinssi at all times.
    • It will come in handy if you know where the toilets and the first aid station are, so the customers can be guided there if needed.
    • Please be on time on your shift!
    • Do not leave the tasks unattended, always wait for the person of the next shift to arrive.
    • You also represent Provinssi in your free time, so give the customers and your colleagues a hand if they need help with something.
    • Guide the festival customers to the first aid station if needed.
    • The only person who will contact the emergency number is THE CHIEF OF SAFETY. In these situations, contact your supervisor and they’ll pass the information on. If for some reason you have to be the one calling the ambulance or police, wait at the scene of the incident until help arrives.
    • Report all thefts you witness or other suspicious behavior to the supervisor.
    • If there’s anything unclear to you about volunteering during the festival, try asking your colleagues or supervisor for some clarification. In case there are questions remaining unclear, please contact the volunteering team, we are happy to help you!
    • No social media during tasks!
    • There are always rumors going around the festival area but don’t contribute to spreading them! Correct people who are spreading the rumors if you happen to know the truth in those situations. All announcements and interviews etc. that have something to do with the festival will go through the spokesperson of Provinssi.


    What is volunteering?

    Volunteering at Provinssi means a situation, where person is doing tasks at Provinssi but is not an employee or won’t get any compensation.

    Code of conduct:
    • A volunteer has a right to do tasks from 16 to 18 hours during three days.
    • Provinssi is responsible for volunteers’ safety.
    • A volunteer has a right to know about any danger or adverse factors in the area. Provinssi’s concern is to take care that no harm will be caused to the volunteer’s safety or health.
    • Circumstances and all the machines used need to fulfill safety measures. All protective devices needed must be offered and volunteers need to be guided how to use them.
    • A volunteer is responsible to obey Provinssi’s safety guidelines and to use appropriate protective equipment.
    • A volunteer is justified to get all necessary introduction to the task so the volunteer perform the best way possible.
    • The general human rights protect the volunteers.
  • E-mail: [email protected]

    Whatsapp: Coming later

    Volunteer team: Susanna Kauppinen, Enna Hanka