VIP by Ideapark
Photo: Provinssi / Viljami Väisänen

VIP-tickets to the Provinssi-festival are on sale now! 


3 DAYS 219 €
2 DAYS 189 €
1 DAY 139 €

All VIP-tickets are changed to wristbands. 

More information and reservations: or

Provinssi VIP by Ideapark area offers:
  • Lounge area and a massive three story booth with a perfect view of the main stage
  • An indoor seated restaurant for about 100 people, with a chance for a high-quality buffet dinner in restaurant Sandro
  • Seating areas both indoors and outdoors
  • High-quality indoor toilets
  • VIP-bars with large selection of high-quality cocktails, wines and other drinks



This year the rich flavours of North Africa and Middle East take over the restaurant experience of Provinssi VIP area. Know for it's legendary brunches, the Helsinki-based restaurant Sandro executes the rich and high-quality VIP menu in Provinssi. The menu changes from one day to the other, and table reservations for bigger groups cane be made in advance. 

The novelty and grown jewel of the VIP drink selection is the Fever-Tree Ultimate G&T Bar. The drink selection of the bar is carefully built - each of the four gins are amongst the best in the world and the products have received numerous international first place prices borh in gin as well as gin & tonic cocktail series. The alcohol free speciality of the bar is the first alcohol free distillate Seedlip.

See Sandro's VIP-menu HERE
Table reservations:

Sandro VIP restaurant opening hours:

THU 14:30 - 22:30
FRI 13:30 - 22:30
SAT 13:30 - 22:30 

Please note, that VIP packages do not include food or drinks. Food and drink tickets can be bought separately.