We highly recommend using public transportation, but if you arrive with your car please make sure to park it accordingly. Be respectful to the residents of Törnävä and don't park your car in private yards or roadsides!

Photo: Provinssi

Parking area at Pappila field 

Guarded parking area at Pappila field is primarily meant for campers staying in Camp Provinssi. The area is located at the intersection of Ruukintie and Pappilantie streets. The distance to Camp Provinssi is about 500m.

You can buy your parking ticket in advance for the duration of the whole festival, from Wednesday 26th until Sunday 30th. Ticket price is 25 €.

Parking area will open on Wednesday 26th of June at 4pm and will close on Sunday 30th June at 2pm.

Camping or sleeping in a car in Pappila field is forbidden!

Parking tickets are on sale at

Parking area at Hamarintie field

Located a few minutes walk away from the festival area, Hamarintie field parking (address Huhtalantie 91) is primarily ment for festival guests who don't stay near the festival area, but drive somewhere else for the night.

The parking area is open from 9am Thursday June 27th, to 10 am Sunday 30th June. The parking area is guarded during the whole time.


3 day parking Thursday - Saturday 25,00 €
1 day parking Thursday, Friday or Saturday 15,00€ (day must be decided when buying the ticket)

A 3 day parking ticket allowes you to exit the parking area and return the following day. With a 1 day ticket you can enter the parking area on the specific day starting at 9am, and must exit the area by 6am the next morning. Sleeping on the parking area is forbidden.

Public Parking Garages

Public parking garages in Seinäjoki are open to Provinssi guests' use as well as any other customers. There are two garages: P-Frami and P-Torikeskus. More information on prices, opening hours and locations here or via email: