Electronic music group The Prodigy have just announced that they will cancel all upcoming concerts due to tragic death of Keith Flint. Therefore also The Prodigy show at Provinssi on June 27th is cancelled.

The Prodigy's official statement:
”Following the tragic death of Keith Flint all forthcoming Prodigy shows will be cancelled with immediate effect.”

We have already started negotiations with several artists, and more acts for Provinssi 2019 will be announced during spring.

All customers, who have purchased one day Thursday tickets to Provinssi, can return tickets to box offices Lippupiste or Tiketti for refund. The deadline for refunds is Friday 15th of March.



Today media have posted news about the death of Keith Flint of The Prodigy. We are currently waiting for official confirmation or statement from artist's representatives. Before that we can't comment about the situation or The Prodigy's upcoming concert at Provinssi Festival 2019.

More updates to follow as soon as possible.




Provinssi´s versatile line up has grown with 30 new acts. Also the daily billing is now confirmed. All the ticket categories and accommodation packages are now available at provinssi.fi/tickets.

British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie is performing on the opening day. The pop sensation has gained huge international success with her platinum selling debut album “Speak Your Mind”.

Polish extreme metal band Behemoth bring their dark and shocking show to Provinssi. The band´s latest album “I Love You At Your Darkest” peaked high also on the Finnish album chart.

Domestic superstars Alma, Ellips, Vesala, Chisu and Vesta are all highly acclaimed by both fans and critics for their music. Finnish rap star Elastinen also brings his super energetic show to Seinäjoki. Other domestic acts are Ismo Alanko, Juha Tapio, Tuure Kilpeläinen & Kaihon Karavaani and Anssi Kela.

CMX will play two special shows on both Friday and Saturday. Viikate will celebrate their success album´s “Kuu kaakon yllä” 10th anniversary with a special gig.

Other Finnish acts are electrorock band Pariisin Kevät, folk-pop band Younghearted and singer-songwriter Luc Belot.  Heavy metal bands Beast In Black and Turmion Kätilöt are also confirmed to play at the festival along with punk bands Pää Kii, Henrik! and Nykyaika. Urban beat to Seinäjoki brings rap collective D.R.E.A.M.G.I.R.L.S., DJ Ibusal, singer-songwriter Sini Yasemin, r&b artist IBE, rapper Gettomasa, trap artist Cledos and Ville Valoton.




Provinssi Festival's latest announcement includes four new acts!

One of the most popular metal bands in Finland, the almighty Amorphis present "Queen of Time" world live premiere. Amorphis will play an extra long festival set and perform their latest masterpiece in its entitity featuring special guest Anneke Van Giersbergen (of The Gathering). Provinssi and Tuska Festival later on the same weekend will be the only possibility to see this special event live in Finland.

Other new artists are hardcore/mathrock group Converge (US), progressive rock band Haken (UK) and djent metal act TesseracT (UK).

Remember that Provinssi's early bird tickets are for the cheaper price available until 31.12.2018. Visit ticket shop at www.provinssi.fi/tickets.



Provinssi have announced the first names in its line up for year 2019, and the early bird tickets are now for the cheaper price until new years eve 31.12.2018 at www.provinssi.fi/liput. The three day festival will be celebrated at Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki on June 27-29.

Nu metal icon Limp Bizkit are known for their intense and loud live energy. With smash hits such as “Rollin´”, ”Take A Look Around” ja “Break Stuff” the US-based band is guaranteed to get Provinssi audience going wild. Limp Bizkit are currently working on a new album to be released in 2019.

British electro music superstars The Prodigy are one of the most significant musical influencers of all times. Their latest album “No Tourists” was released earlier this autumn introducing band’s even more violent sound.

West Coast rap pioneer Cypress Hill have operated more than three decades mixing psychedelia to heavy hip hop sounds. The band released their long awaited 8th full-length studio album “Elephants on Acid” this autumn. Defining their status with rap anthems such as “Insane in the Brain”, Cypress Hill have also made history as the first Latino American hip hop group to sell platinum.

Bring Me The Horizon are performing their long-awaited show in Finland and where else than at Provinssi. One of the most anticipated bands in Provinssi´s history are releasing new album “Amo” early next year. 

Celtic punk band Flogging Molly are returning to Provinssi after three years of waiting. The band will be performing sold out club shows in Finland later this winter. Modern metal group Lamb of God and Swedish progressive metal band Cult of Luna are adding heavier sound to Provinssi´s line up.

Domestic headliners include most popular Finnish rap band JVG, popstar SANNI and punk group Apulanta. We are also pleased to introduce Ville Valo & Agents! Ville Valo is best most known for his previous band, love metal group HIM, and currently mr. Valo is collaborating with legendary Finnish band Agents.

Psychedelic rock band Kingston Wall by JJylli, Kuoppis & VHB (Von Hertzen Brothers) are making a phenomenally successful tour with sold out shows all around Finland next spring. Provinssi is one of their only festival performances. 

Singer-songwriters Anna Puu and Ellinoora along with rap group Gasellit and indie/electro pop super group Ruusut, featuring members of bands such as Disco Ensemble, The Hearing and Hisser to name a few, are completing Provinssi’s genre-free and versatile line up.


Provinssi´s 40th anniversary line up is complete and the timetable is now published


Provinssi festival will be organized for the 40th year this summer and the program is now complete. The timetable for the 3 days has also been published on the website. Ticket sales for Provinssi continues at an unprecedented pace and accommodation packages are decreasing at a rapid speed.

One of United Kingdom’s national treasures Madness is known for combining ska, rock and pop in their music. Remembered for their massive hits “Our House” and “It Must Be Love”, this band will make the festivalgoers in Provinssi dance on Friday, the 29th of June.

Antti Tuisku will perform at Provinssi as the last act on Saturday, after which the artist will go on a long hiatus. Every day of the festival will include Antti Tuisku related program: on Thursday the singer will be interviewed in front of a crowd and on Friday Antti Tuisku will perform an acoustic set on the intimate Amphitheatre-stage. There will also be a “Pakko twerkkaa”-camping site at Camp Provinssi especially for the Anatude fans.

Some of the brightest stars in the Finnish pop scene Isac Elliot and ABREUCledos and the long-standing Finnish rock bands Maj Karma and Egotrippi will all perform at next year’s Provinssi.

Artists bringing newer Finnish sound to the festival are the trap-artist TIPPA, singer-songwriter Yona, the feminist rapper Adikia, folk and pop artist Laura Moisio, the singer Ilta, electronic music artist Detalji and rapper Sitoi.

Singer-songwriter duo Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth released their debut album this spring along with electronic indie music artist Ona Kamu complete Amphitheatre-stage line up.

Indie rock band Lasten Hautausmaa, punk group Huora, Ghost World and Horte, who performed at the well-known Roadburn festival in the Netherlands complete the lineup for alternative rock.








Paperi T added to Provinssi´s line up

Finnish rap artist Paperi T will perform at Provinssi on Saturday 30.6. One of the most acclaimed Finnish rap artists of all time will release his long awaited second album "Kaikki on hyvin" on 15.6.

Unfortunately Santa Cruz´s show in Provinssi is cancelled. 


Provinssi launches an Ambassador program

Become an official Provinssi Ambassador! As a Provinssi Ambassador you can sell festival tickets via new ticketing site and earn points to claim rewards and exclusive experiences. You can manage the ticket sales via your own personal account. The more you sell the more rewards you can achieve. Your friends will also benefit small rewards. For more info go to Provinssi´s ticketing site. 


Provinssi's line up added with 40 domestic artists

In addition to already released festival program, Provinssi's domestic line up is now added with 40 new artists.

Along with established Finnish superstars hip hop -duo JVG and more traditional rock acts Maija Vilkkumaa, Olavi Uusivirta, Pariisin Kevät, Scandinavian Music Group and Von Hertzen Brothers the billing also includes names from grime to punk, metal to folk and everything in between.

Ruusut can be defined as a new indie supergroup. The line up include Ringa Manner (The Hearing, Pintandwefall), Alpo Nummelin (Cityman, Zebra and Snake), Samuli Kukkola (Solano) and Miikka Koivisto (Disco Ensemble, Hisser, Normal Life). The electro pop band will release their debut album later in 2018.

Reino Nordin is one of the most popular pop singers in Finland at the moment. His smash hit “Antaudun” won Emma prize (Finnish Grammy) for the most streamed song of 2017 with more than 11 million streams and counting.

Power metal bands Sonata Arctica and Ensiferum represent the heavier side of Finnish music scene. Both bands have also gained strong international fanbase around the globe. Heavy metal group Stam1na will re-release their album  “Raja” in order to celebrate the masterpiece's 10th anniversary. Young and hungry rock bands Blind Channel and Santa Cruz are on their way to big breakthrough.

Finnish grime duo Töölön Ketterä, r´n´b artist Stig Dogg and pop star Nelli Matula bring urban beats to Seinäjoki. Rappers Eevil Stöö x Kube joined forces with their “Pomo Sapiens” -EP at the end of last year. PastoriPike is known for his amazing live energy. Pikku G is one of the pioneers of Finnish hip hop scene, and he made  along awaited comeback last year.

Iconic Finnish singer-songwriters Yari and Tuomari Nurmio performed already at the very first edition of Provinssi in 197, and both masters will perform at Amphitheatre Stage. Litku Klemetti, Kynnet, Circle and Joose Keskitalo are among the biggest indie names in Finland.

Occult rock group Jess and the Ancient Ones and psychedelic solo artist Mara Balls bring the power of electric guitar to Provinssi line-up. Kraut-influenced space rock band K-X-P will release new album later this spring. Indie/punk trio Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? is known for their hypnoctic lo-fi sound.

Pop stars Vilma Alina, Juulia and Aleksanteri Hakaniemi are ready for their Provinssi debut shows. Karina, Pimeys and M are the most interesting voices of new rock generation.

Blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen, The Comedians formed by the most popular Finnish stand up artists, folk music group Pirulainen and punk bands MMSP and High School Dropouts are also included in the festival billing.

Many more artists still to be announced during Spring!



Hip hop supergroup Run The Jewels (USA) make their long-awaited Provinssi debut in June. The USA-based duo, formed by El-P ja Killer Mike, have become one of the biggest names in hip hop scene after releasing three albums and sold out arena shows around the world.
Scotland’s finest rock group Biffy Clyro (UK) make their welcomed return to Seinäjoki after highly praised show in 2016. The trio is currently working on two new albums and a movie project. One of Sweden’s most beloved bands The Sounds (SWE) have established their status as a great live act with their with their sing-along rock anthems and high energy shows.
Swedish extreme metal group Meshuggah (SWE) represent the darker and heavier side of Provinssi. After releasing their latest album last fall, American PVRIS (USA) are making their way to Provinssi after years of waiting. The USA-basend trio combines post-hardcore with alternative rock sound and have toured the stadiums alongside with bands like Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars.
Alternative rock bands Basement (UK) and The Hunna (UK), and the indie talent Superorganism (UK) are representing the new British invasion. International line up also includes Danish rap artist Noah Carter who has been compared to Drake and grime artists from Skepta to Stormzy.
Disco Ensemble play their farewell show in Provinssi before calling it quits later this year.
Provinssi bill also includes some of the biggest names from Finnish urban music scene. Organic hip hop trio Atomirotta will release their third album later this spring. Pop singer Evelina has risen to fame with more than 50 million Spotify streams, and rapper Gettomasa made his breakthroug with his debut album “Chosen One” in 2016 and have also released new material earlier this year.
Finnish metal band Mokoma play two sets in Provinssi. The first one is an acoustic show at Amphitheatre Stage on Thursday, and the band will amplify their heavy sound on Friday. Singer-actor Samuli Edelmann & Orkestra Suora Lähetys is also added to Amphitheare stage’s line up.
Provinssi musical opens the Amphitheatre Stage program on all three festival days. The musical was selected as one of the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s main projects this year. Musical is starred by actors Maria Lund, Kimmo Blom, Irina Vartia and Ville Orttenvuori to name a few. 
Over 50 new artists and other festival news to follow!
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