Photo: Provinssi

For festival visitors looking for something a bit more comfortable and peaceful we are offering indoor accomodation that's guaranteed to be dry and warm. The 2-6 person rooms of the Provinssi Hostel are situated right next to the festival area (Huhtalantie 71 / Björkenheimin puistotie). An entrance to the festival area is located near the hostel.

The accommodation includes an air mattress, light breakfast and luggage storage. At the visitors' disposal there are also shared indoor toilets, showers, sauna shifts, a living room with a TV, lots of power sockets and a spacious kitchen with fridges. A parking place for your car is reservable for 20 euros when arriving to the hostel.

At the moment there is a limited number of 3-5 people rooms, that can be booked from Thu to Sun (27th to 29th June) for the following prices:

3 person room 429 eur / room
4 person room 559 eur / room
5 person room 689 eur / room

The prices above don't include a festival ticket.

Get your Hostel room here.

Remember that the maximum number of people per room must not be exceeded. So if you have bought a room for 4 people, a maximum of 4 people can stay in that room.

Please tell the names of all the guests and your contact information in the email. The reservation is final only when the sent invoice has been paid.

A valid festival pass is required to enter the hostel.

The hostel opens its doors on Thursday 29.6. at 12am and closes on Sunday 2.7. at 12am.

REMEMBER! If you stay at Provinssi Hostel you need to fill a passenger card. You can speed up the arrival of your own and others by printing and filling the passenger card in advance. You can find the passenger card from here.