Kuva: Provinssi / Aisha Benahmed 

Sleep well in Camp Provinssi's Silent Camping!


Would you like to stay in festival's camping site without the fear of losing your good nights sleep? 

It is now possible in the new area of Camp Provinssi: Silent + Green Camp, which is located away from the on-going party, in the back of Camp Provinssi on it's own quiet and peaceful camping area.

Silence is celebrated and guided in Silent + Green Camp every night from 10PM until 10AM.

+ the area is also clean and green, with it's beautiful verdant surroundings and own recycling point.


Prices and tickets


SILENT + GREEN CAMP 49,00€ (incl. only camping, festival ticket has to be bought separately)

Buy your camping ticket to Silent + Green Camp now:



Silent + Green Camp is located in Camp Provinssi, so the guidelines and information are same as in everywhere Camp Provinssi area. Please find all the info here

The only difference is the silence hours every evening from 10PM to 10AM, when all loud and disturbing noises are prohibited in the area.



Silent + Green campers have access to all the Camp Provinssi's services such as kiosk, showers, sauna, indoor toilets, first aid, food stalls... Please find more info here

In addition, Silent + Green Camp will have it's own toilets and a small recycling point. 


Kuva: Provinssi / Sami Mutka


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