Måneskin kuva


Måneskin, who has conquered the world’s biggest stages with their uninhibitedly ecstatic performances, will be performing on Törnävänsaari on the festival’s opening day. The Roman band, born already dipped in the cauldron of talent, charisma, and sex appeal, is living proof of rock’s vitality. With their mega-hit “Zitti E Buoni,” which won the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest and became a global phenomenon, the quartet, including Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggini, and Ethan Torchion, has impressed even the sternest rock critics, including Iggy Pop and Tom Morello, with their genre-bending classic-rock-inspired yet modernized sound. Måneskin’s singles “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Beggin'” have topped charts worldwide, breaking records everywhere. Their latest single, “Honey (Are You Coming),” from their latest album “Rush!”, continues their unique success story.

Thursday 27.6.2024