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Even though dancing through Finnish summer nights is awesome, it’s good to have a bit of rest at some point. On this page, you can find plenty of options for shorter or longer accommodation during the festival!

Please note, that hotel packages are not available for summer 2024 and all accommodation services are available from hotels directly.


Please fill out the passenger card required by law in advance and save time upon arrival.

Passenger Card



Camp Provinssi is our camping site just next to the Festival site, and provides the ultimate Provinssi Experience. Basic Camp tickets are available, while quieter Silent&Green area and “Mökkikylä”, charming little cabins are SOLD OUT. More camping options will be available later.




School Accommodation – Seinäjoen Lyseo

School accommodation is located at Seinäjoen Lyseo in the city center of Seinäjoki. The address of the school is Kirkkokatu 7 which is approximately 2,5 kilometers away from the festival area. Provinssi festival bus stop is right next to the school and buses go in both directions at regular intervals. The school premises are supervised but it is recommended to keep your valuables with you or take them to the cloakroom near festival entrance. School toilet and shower facilities are free to use during the accommodation period. Electrical outlets in classrooms and the lobby can be used to charge media devices.

Classrooms and school hall are filled in order of arrival and spots cannot be reserved in advance.

Accommodation includes:

  • Accommodation for one at Seinäjoen Lyseo for the duration of Provinssi Festival
  • Mattress for overnight stay
  • Check in starting on Wednesday 26.6. at 6PM
  • Check-out done by Sunday 30.6. at 12PM

Please Note! School accommodation is for festival guests only. In addition to the school accommodation ticket, you must have a Provinssi festival ticket or a wristband when entering the school.

Tickets are sold at Provinssi ticket sales:


Provinssi Hostel

If camping is not your thing, and you wish a bit more privacy than in school accommodation, hostel is a good option! Our beloved Provinssi hostel is back. The decoration of the hostel is very simple, but hostel premises near beautiful green Piiri area are good enough to guarantee a dry and warm overnight stay option right next to the festival area. The hostel is located 1,5 km (15 min walk) from the main gate of the festival area. The address is Seuralantie 9, Seinäjoki. When arriving to the hostel area from the gate on Huhtalantie, the hostel is located in the middle building. Entrance by the left side of the building. 

The accommodation is arranged in separate rooms. Rooms are locked and can be opened by using specific room code informed in advance. Room sizes vary from 2 to 8 people. The rooms have closets and air mattresses. Please note that the mattresses are placed closely next to each other.  The premises of the hostel are supervised. The hostel showers and toilets are free to use. There are power sockets in the rooms and in the common areas which can be used to charge media devices. 

There is a parking lot near the hostel. Accommodation prices are for the whole weekend.

The price includes: 

  • Accommodation in a separate room (2-8 persons, based on the predefined room size)
  • Air mattresses for overnight stay 
  • Check in starting on Wednesday 26.6. at 6PM
  • Check-out done by Sunday 30.6. at 12PM

Please note that: 

  • accommodation does NOT include blankets/pillows/bedclothes or towels
  • every guests must have a Provinssi 2024 festival ticket




Glamour + camping! New Provinssi Glamping offers a luxury tent accommodation near the festival area. In these tents you get to sleep outside but still rest comfortably in a bed. 

Provinssi Glamping area is located 1,5 km (15 min walk) from the main gate of the festival area. The address is Seuralantie 9, Seinäjoki. When arriving to the area from the gate on Huhtalantie, the glamping area is located in front of the middle building. 

The tents are furnished and can accommodate 2-4 people. Please note, tents will be filled in the order of arrival. Inside showers and toilets in the nearby hostel are free to use for all staying at the clamping area. Accommodation is open from Wednesday 26.6. at 6PM to Sunday 30.6. at 12PM.  


Provinssi glamping for two  include: 

  • tent
  • bed for each guest
  • pillows, blankets and bedding 
  • table, stool/nightstand 
  • carpets, doormat, shoe rack, trash bin
  • decorations
  • accessories basket, where you can find e.g. clothesline, hand mirror, tissues

Provinssi Glamping for two: 599,00€ / for three: 749€ / for four: 899€.

Please note, In order to stay at Provinssi Tent Village, each guest must also have a Provinssi festival ticket. 



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