Free Bird


A limited number of open 1-day tickets are now on sale: a Free Bird (open 1-day ticket) and a Free Bird VIP 18+ (open 1-day VIP ticket). If you buy the Free Bird ticket now, you secure yourself a spot to Provinssi, but you can decide the exact day later in the spring. The Free Bird ticket as such doesn’t grant you access to the festival. The ticket must be updated to an actual 1-day ticket by May 31, 2024.

Free Bird tickets are on sale at the Provinssi ticket shop at and ticket shop and ticket outlets. Free Bird tickets cannot be purchased or collected from R-kiosks. 

This is how the Free Bird ticket works:

  1. Go to and purchase the Free Bird or the Free Bird VIP 18+ ticket.
  2. Springtime, check the published daily program and decide which day you want to participate in Provinssi. It’s possible to update the Free Bird ticket from the moment the daily program is published. The update request must be made by May 31, 2024.
  3. Update your Free Bird ticket to a 1-day ticket via’s customer service as follows:
  4. Go to
  5. Fill in your customer information and select “Ostaminen ja maksaminen” as the reason for contact (Yhteydenoton syy) and “Muu ostaminen ja maksaminen” as the subject (Aihe).
    1. On the next page, fill in “Provinssi 2024” as the name of the event (Tapahtuman nimi). Remember to fill in the ticket barcode (Lipun viivakoodinumero). The ticket barcode is the long series of numbers in your ticket and ou can also attach your ticket.
    2. In the field “additional information” (Lisätietoja), fill in the information about the original ticket and a new ticket. For example, “I want to update my Free Bird ticket to a 1-day Thursday ticket”.
    3. You will not be charged anything for updating your Free Bird ticket to 1-day ticket.
    4. will send you a new ticket by email. The new ticket will be sent to you from [email protected]. Don’t forget to check your spam folder as well. The new ticket will be sent to you at the latest 3 weeks after making the update request.

What’s important?

Remember to send the update request via the form by May 31, 2024. 

The Free Bird ticket update request can only be made by the original ticket buyer.

Please note that you can update the Free Bird ticket only once. So, for example, you cannot first update the ticket to a 1-day Thursday ticket and later change it to 1-day Friday ticket.

Would you like to buy Free Bird ticket as a gift?

Do you want to buy the Free Bird ticket as a gift? It’s possible as long as you note that only you, as the original ticket buyer, can make the update request to So, in the spring, agree with the gift recipient which day they want to participate in Provinssi and then make an update request to Remember to forward the new 1-day ticket to the gift recipient.


Free Bird Ticket