Free Bird

A limited number of open 1-day tickets were on sale: a Free Bird (open 1-day ticket) and a Free Bird VIP 18+ (open 1-day VIP ticket). If you bought the Free Bird ticket, you secured yourself a spot to Provinssi early in advance, but you could decide the exact day by May 31, 2024. The Free Bird ticket as such doesn’t grant you access to the festival. The deadline for ticket updates was May 31, 2024.  If you forgot to update your ticket, please contact [email protected].

Do you want to upgrade your Free Bird ticket to a multi-day ticket or a VIP ticket?

Would you like to participate in Provinssi for multiple days or upgrade your Free Bird regular ticket to a VIP ticket? You can upgrade your ticket, via the customer service. For upgrading you will be charged the price difference between the new ticket and the original ticket, as well as a upgrade fee of 15 € / order.

To proceed with the upgrade:

Contact customer service: Customer service for ticket buyers is available on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 at the number 030 514 214 (0.084 €/min). Only the original purchaser of the ticket can request an upgrade.

Please note that a ticket that has already been exchanged for a wristband cannot be upgraded. The ticket must be unused in the upgrade situation. If the new ticket type is sold out, upgrading is not possible.

Free Bird Ticket