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Please note: reselling tickets, giving tickets as a freebie or as a contest prize, or being enclosed to another service or product is only allowed with written agreement from Provinssi.

Beware of fake tickets! Make sure you only purchase tickets from resellers authorized by Provinssi. The tickets sold outside of the festival and on internet forums might be proven to be fake at the entrance.

Please be careful when displaying your tickets on social media and the internet! Make sure the barcode isn’t visible since it’s possible to copy the information of the ticket and that could prevent you from attending the festival. Provinssi is not responsible for copied or stolen tickets!

General information


Provinssi will take place next year from Thursday 29th of June to Saturday 1st of July 2023.

Friendly Bird tickets now on sale until Sun 10.7.2022 at 23:59.

Festival tickets
3 DAYS – 169,00€
3 DAYS VIP – 269,00€

Lippupiste and Tiketti are the official ticket resellers of Provinssi. Most common cultural vouchers and cards are accepted as payment.

VIP tickets

3 DAY VIP tickets are now on sale.

VIP ticket includes entry to the festival area and the exclusive Provinssi VIP lounge. All VIP tickets will be changed to wristbands.

VIP ticket ensures the festival guest a comfortable and exclusive festival experience in the Provinssi VIP lounge, which offers high-quality restaurant services, lots of seating areas, and VIP toilets.

Food and drinks are not included in the tickets. The age limit of the VIP lounge is 18 years.

Accommodation tickets

Accommodation tickets will come on sale later.

All Provinssi’s accommodation tickets are valid for the whole festival weekend (3 DAYS) regardless of the number of nights you are planning to stay.

Community Village ticket includes only the community spot. Every camper staying at the community spot needs also their own Camp Provinssi ticket and the festival ticket.

Accommodation tickets and festival tickets are sold separately, except for hotel packages. Hotel packages include a 3 day festival ticket and accommodation in the hotel.

Questions about accommodation? Reach us at majoitus @ provinssi.fi or read more on our website.

Tickets from Seinäjoki area

In Seinäjoki Provinssi tickets are sold in:

  • Restaurant Varicko in Rytmikorjaamo (Tiketti)
  • ABC Seinäjoki (Lippupiste)
  • R-Kiosks (Lippupiste)

Culture vouchers are accepted as payment in Varicko and ABC. With culture cards, you can pay in Varicko and R-kiosks.

Culture vouchers and cards

You can buy Provinssi tickets with most of the culture vouchers and cards.

Please find more information about culture vouchers and payment methods from the ticket resellers websites, and from the provider of your voucher or card.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please contact us at info@provinssi.fi.