Photo: Provinssi / Aisha Benahmed

Provinssi ❤️ Crew

Thousands of talented festival workers and volunteers gather in Törnävänsaari every summer to make Provinssi a working, well-organized, and memorable festival. Without the crew, Provinssi would be nothing.

Would you like to be part of the best festival family ever? To be a part of the most amazing crew behind everything? Read more below.

Every year, thousands of employees, volunteers, and contractors work in Törnävänsaari in different tasks and duties. Provinssi’s organization is growing from the few winter-time employees to a festival crew of almost two thousand workers during the festival weekend.

We are continuously looking for new faces to join our crew to make Provinssi an, even more, well-organized and wonderful Festival Of People!



Join the best festival crew as a volunteer for the greatest experience! The volunteer applications are open now:



Work in Provinssi?

Together with the festival’s contractors, we recruit hundreds of employees yearly for plenty of different tasks, such as volunteer team supervisors, security officers, bartenders, restaurant workers, drivers, construction workers, artists, sauna hosts… you name it!

Please feel free to drop us your CV and application at [email protected], and let us know your special skills and interests.

Also, if you have any questions regarding working in Provinssi, we’ll be happy to answer those at the same email address listed above!

About volunteering, tasks, and which kind of teams there will be for supervising you will find more info here.