Provinssi’s values


Our most important values are safety, equality and diversity, versatility and sustainability.


The best festival experience is built on a safe and reliable foundation. All arrangements are made professionally, and quality or safety are not compromised at any stage of production.

Provinssi’s arrangements will be implemented in all circumstances in close co-operation with the authorities and according to their instructions.

Provinssi is a completely bullying-free area, where everyone has the right to come and to be exactly who they are. All our visitors, as well as our staff and artists, have a right to personal integrity and there is zero tolerance for all forms of harassment at the festival. Our staff is prepared to encounter different people and situations and to help visitors with all kinds of questions.


Provinssi is a 100% equal festival, and we welcome every festival visitor to Törnävänsaari as they are. We do not condone any form of discrimination or harassment based on, for example, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation.

Provinssi is committed to a policy of promoting equality, diversity and equality in the music sector. We guarantee a safe and non-discriminatory festival environment for all our employees, partners, artists, and audiences. We oblige each of our employees, visitors, artists, and partners to adhere to the same principle.

If you see or experience any behavior against yourself, your friends or other festival guests, that feels harassing or inappropriate, or in any way does not support equality, please report it immediately to the nearest security guard.

We work purposefully to achieve and maintain diversity, and we invest in the accessibility of the festival in all possible areas.


We strive to provide our visitors a diverse and multi-dimensional experience in every possible way.

In total, there are about a hundred artists or groups of artists in Provinssi each year, representing numerous different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

We’re also known as one of the most traditional producers of the festival sideshow. Several dozen people are involved in creating the regional program. The program – e.g., music, art, theatre, visual arts – can be encountered in all event areas and it is partially unscheduled. The program seeks to surprise, awaken, and widen the festival experience. The spirit of the regional program is one of the cornerstones of Provinssi’s magical, communal atmosphere.

Above all, we underline the importance of the holistic experience. Encounters, artistic content, tastes, smells, sounds, and visual stimuli form an entity, that can only be encountered in Provinssi, once a year.


We are aware of the environmental impacts of festival production and actively working towards reducing them. For years, Provinssi has been moving towards an ecological festival production and several measures have been taken to achieve it.

Ecology and sustainable development are the most important values ​​of Provinssi. We want to take care of our festival visitors and our environment.

We aim to set an example and influence the attitudes and environmental choices of our audience, staff, volunteers, artists, partners, and other stakeholders through our environmentally friendly activities.

Provinssi’s main goals in sustainable development are to get rid of disposable plastic in the festival area, to cut the waste generated in Camp Provinssi in half, and to significantly reduce logistic and transport emissions, while communicating all environmental activities as transparently as possible.