Provinssi is organized in Seinäjoki in the scenic festival park of Törnävänsaari.

Seinäjoki is located in the middle of the most beautiful South Ostrobothnia, with very good transport links, from anywhere and by any means!

Seinäjoki – Helsinki ~350 km
Seinäjoki – Tampere ~180 km
Seinäjoki – Vaasa ~80 km
Seinäjoki – Oulu ~325 km


In Törnävänsaari, the festival site has been the venue of Provinssi since the first festival in 1979.

The festival area is located about 3 kilometers south of the city center and about 350 kilometers north of Helsinki. The address is Törnäväntie 20, 60200 Seinäjoki.

Festival area on Google maps
The map of Seinäjoki
The website of the city of Seinäjoki

How to get to Seinäjoki?

It’s easy to get to the city – in Finland, all roads lead to Seinäjoki!

By train

Taking the train is a fast, comfortable, and environmentally friendly way to get to Seinäjoki.

Book a train:

By bus

The bus station is located next to the railway station, from where you can easily get to the festival area by the non-stop festival bus.

More information about the festival bus (in Finnish) here, including timetables!

Bus services in Finland:

By carpooling

We always recommend using public transport, walking, or cycling for traveling to the festival, but if you can’t avoid traveling by car, please take your friends or strangers to Provinssi as well!

You can find and offer carpools from these sites (also available in English):
Kimppakyyti Facebook group
Kimppakyyti Helsinki – Pohjanmaa – Helsinki Facebook group
Kimppakyyti Seinäjoki Facebook group

Please note, that the parking space near the festival site is rather limited, so we recommend you to leave your car in the city center of Seinäjoki.

How to get to the festival area?

The Festival area of Provinssi is situated about 3 kilometers from the city center. You’ll walk the distance easily in an hour with good company, and in bad company, you’ll walk even faster. However, to save your strength, we have made your life a bit easier.

Non-stop festival bus

The renewable diesel Provinssibus operated by Härmän Liikenne will be going non-stop between Seinäjoki Travel Centre and the festival area from Thursday until Sunday.

Foot and bicycle

If you have a bicycle, it’s probably the best way to get to the festival area. It’s quick, independent, ecological, and fresh. There’s a free and guarded parking area for bicycles next to the festival gate.


There is a taxi station next to the festival site. At the railway station taxis are found in front of the station building.

Taxi number: +358(0) 100 84 999


There is a limited number of parking tickets available for the parking spots near Provinssi (500m – 1km walking distance). Read more here. Also, we recommend finding a parking spot in the city and using the festival bus for arriving at the festival.