As a volunteer, you are a significant part of making Provinssi a successful festival – become a part of the leading forces, the amazing Provinssi Crew!

You get to have a look at the behind-the-scenes of the festival production, gather great experiences, meet new people and all in all, enjoy a unique experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Provinssi’s volunteer application form is now closed for summer 2024.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding your application, please contact us by email at [email protected].


The volunteering for Provinssi will take place already for the 42nd time in the beautiful area of Törnävänsaari, where volunteers are taking part in the festival’s production in diverse tasks.

👉 A sense of humour, the ability to dive into all kinds of situations and good skills in having fun are all helpful traits when volunteering.

👉 Volunteering takes place during the festival weekend (when you get to enjoy the festival as well!) and the length of volunteering shifts vary between 5-8 hours depending on the task. Before and after the festival volunteers can use their artistic creativity for example in decoration and construction tasks.

👉  Special skills are not required, but feel free to tell us in the application form if you happen to have any – they might come in handy! The most important thing is to have a good attitude and to be ready to embrace the best experience of the summer.


There are lots of different tasks to do and teams to be a part of as a volunteer in Provinssi. Find more information about different tasks and teams here, and find the best suited one for you: Provinssi volunteering tasks


You can volunteer before you turn 18 years, as the age recommendation for volunteering is 15 years. Minors are able to carry out most of the tasks, but for example teams like bars and security require their volunteers to be adults by law. Under 15-year-olds can take part in tasks such as cleaning and festival info. Anyhow, it is strongly recommended to apply and volunteer together with an adult, if you have not turned 15 yet.

Permission from parents is always required when volunteering as a minor. Before the festival, Provinssi HR team will send every accepted minor volunteer a permission form, which has to be returned to Provinssi Crew Check in order to get the wristband.


Volunteering means, that volunteers will not get any salary or compensation in the traditional sense. Instead, volunteers of Provinssi will get the full, amazing festival experience, new friends, fun times and good vibes!

Volunteers get a volunteering certificate after the festival. Every volunteer gets a crew access to festival area, which is valid for the whole festival period – all three days.

😋 Food and drinks
As a volunteer, you will be provided with food during the days of your volunteering tasks. The Crew Catering will be open on all festival days from morning until late evening. Water, juice, coffee, and tea will be available for free throughout the festival.

👕 Crew shirt
Volunteers get an unique Provinssi Crew shirt to be worn while volunteering. The shirts can be kept after the festival as a memory.

🛌 Accommodation
By request, Provinssi will provide accommodation for the volunteers during the festival, who are arriving to the festival further away than 15km. Accommodation is possible between the 26th of June and the 2nd of July. The accommodation options are either a camping spot, or staying at the school accommodation. Both of these options can be booked through the volunteer application form.

🥳 Crew Lounge and afterparty
There is a crew-exclusive lounge area for the volunteers at Provinssi, where volunteers can hang out, and rest between their tasks. The traditional Festival of the Volunteers will be arranged after the festival.


Applicants will receive a letter of approval or rejection during the spring.

Specific details about what team the volunteers are going to be placed in will be published during the spring.

In case you don’t receive a letter, no need to worry. Processing the applications may take some time and approvals can be sent very close to summer. Don’t forget to check the spam folder! 

All accepted volunteers will receive an info package before the festival with all the important information about volunteering in the Provinssi crew.

All official information will be distributed via email from [email protected].


Volunteers are the driving force of Provinssi, and the festival simply couldn’t happen without the crew. It is the volunteers that truly make Provinssi a celebration of the people. We hope that all people applying will commit to the tasks they are given at Provinssi.

If for some reason you can’t volunteer as planned, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at [email protected].

In case of sudden cancellation during the festival (because of sickness or other valid reasons), you should report to your supervisor about your absence.

All kinds of deceit, misbehaviour and drunken appearance during the tasks and/or when wearing the Crew shirt is naturally not cool.

There will surely be questions concerning volunteering, and we are more than happy to answer them at crew@provinssi.fi

Please follow Provinssi on social media to get updates about volunteering and be among the first ones to sign up!