Provinssi ❤ Environment

Making Provinssi happen means practically building a small village in Törnävänsaari every year out of nowhere. The services from electricity to toilets are brought to the area just for a couple of days before the festival. Tens of thousands of people, including the festival-goers, campers, festival staff, stakeholders, and artists, are arriving at Törnävänsaari for a party just for the one weekend from all over the world. It goes without saying that organizing a massive music festival always causes inevitable pollution and harm to the environment.

Provinssi is known as a green festival because of its dedication to decreasing its negative effects on the environment over the past several years. We at Provinssi acknowledge our effects and we continuously aim to create a more sustainable event.

Provinssi’s Environmental Policy

Organizing an annual festival for 20 000-30 000 daily visitors never has a positive impact on the environment. On the other hand, the festival’s large audience and multiple stakeholders make it possible for us to act as a powerful messenger for a more sustainable future by spreading the word of what we have accomplished.

The greatest environmental act possible for an event is to influence its visitors. Our goal is to act as an example for our visitors, festival staff, volunteers, artists, and partners so that their environmental choices will coincide with our own environment-positive attitude.

We are well aware of the festival’s environmental effects and aim to decrease them actively. Some of the forests in Törnävänsaari are protected and this is one reason for wanting to minimize the negative impacts on the environment – so we could celebrate the Festival of The People in Törnävänsaari in the year 2120, as well.

Provinssi’s main goals for the next three years are banning the use of disposable plastic on the festival site, reducing the waste from Camp Provinssi to half of its present amount, and decreasing the emissions caused by transport significantly. While doing these, Provinssi wants to keep their communication regarding environmental practices as transparent as possible.