Provinssi also pays respect to the needs of guests with reduced mobility or other special needs. 

Photo: Provinssi / Jakke Nurmi

Provinssi is committed to work for the progress of equality and diversity in music industry. We quarantee a safe and discrimination-free festival environment to all our staff, partners, artists and visitors.

Equality and diversity are Provinssis most important values. We want to make sure everyone has a great festival experience, and therefore wetake everybodys needs into account individually.
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Accessibility is the main theme for Provinssi 2020. We want to imrpove the accessibility of Provinssi even further and to make sure that every festival guest feels good, welcomed and equal in our festival. Provinssi aims to give equal chances to everyone to take part to the festival.

In 2020 we will improve the accessibility in every way, incliding for example toilets, walking lanes, accessible parking, lighting and accommodation. This year we will improve accessibility also in backstage and staff areas. What comes to accessible communication, we pay attention especially to guides, maps and universal language in the festival area.

We cooperate with local organizations to make sure that everyone also gets a chance to participate as a volunteer and making the festival. Every year we donate festival tickets to care homes, hospitals and nursing homes.


Arrival and Parking

Accessible parking is located about 50 metres from the gates of the festival area. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, you need to apply for a parking pass in advance by email from You can only apply for an accessible parking space with a disabled parking permit issued by Trafi or the police.

When applying for a parking permit, please include the following information:

- Name of the applyer
- Email address
- License number of the vehicle 
- Permitnumber of disabled parking permit
- Day, for which the permit is applied for
- Name of the driver
- Phone number of the driver

You can also arrive to the area by an accessible taxi. The stopping point for accessible taxis is on Törnäväntie, about 50 metres from the gate of the festival area.


The assistant of the disabled person or other special groups (etc. visually impaired guests) can access the festival area free of charge. However, the assistant won’t receive a wristband of their own, but both the assistant and the assisted can enter the area with the wristband of the assisted person. Wrist bands can be claimed at the ticket sale. We recommend to take with you a certification of your need for an assistant.

Stage visibility

There are ramps and viewing platforms with excellent visibility near the biggest stages. Platforms are meant only for the disabled, not for their assistants. The locations will be marked on the map of the festival area, which will be published closer to the event.


The passages at Provinssi are wide sandy roads, comfortable and easy to move on both by foot and with wheelchair. At the festival site there are signs and maps to help with finding services and figuring out the festival area.


There are lots of seats at the festival area where you can sit down and relax. The biggest seating areas can be found on Carnival Island and at Meeting Point between Mainland and Woodland stages.

Accessible toilets

There are several easily accessible toilets both at the festival site and at the licensed premises. The accessible toilets located by the viewing platforms at Mainland and Woodland stages and on Carnival Island are in the sole use of disabled people, and people with a toilet pass. Other accessible toilets can be used by all festival goers, but disabled people and holders of a toilet pass have a priority.

Locations of accessible toilets will be marked on the map of the festival site, which will be published later. Large maps can also be found at the festival site.

Water spots

There are lots of free water spots at the festival grounds at your disposal. Water can also be bought from restaurants on the area.

First aid

Professional first aid service will be available at the festival site.

Kuva: Provinssi / Pasi Ahola


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