Samae Koskinen

Returning to Provinssi after more than 10 years of waiting, Samae Koskinen has come to be known as a songwriter who finds sunshine in a patch of twigs and makes something big out of something small. On his ninth solo album, “Mä näin unta että kaikki meni hyvin”, which will be released on 26 April, Samae focuses on the rhizukas. “In the autumn of 2023, I had my fill. The government’s extreme right-wing bullshit, the misogyny surrounding athletes’ sexual harassment, the classless etiquette in online chats and the satanic cold climate in general made me wonder what I was doing and why. I had steered clear of taking a stand on anything in particular with my art, writing everything related to my values between the lines. One reason was fear, another was the desire to please. Bad Religion, Rage Against the Machine and Bob Dylan had made me really reflect on my own choices and values. How I face the world, what power is and what it does to a person. I decided that I would make songs in which I would take a stand. I comment on coldness, injustice and hatred.” In addition to Koskinen, Samae Koskinen’s band in Province includes Kalle Taivainen (Loiriplukari, Xysma) and Tommi Pietiläinen (Poverty Stinks, Pekka Laine & the Enchanted).

Amphitheatre by Soundi

Thursday 27.6.2024