Take A Stand: Social Responsibility



In addition to environmental responsibility, the operation of Provinssi is guided by social responsibility, based on the values of the Festival of The People, equality, and equal opportunities. Everyone is welcome to celebrate at Provinssi just as they are. You can read more about Provinssi’s values here.


The festival is built on networks and communities, and the organization grows from a small team working throughout the year to thousands of people employed during the event. The team consists of both professionals working in production and volunteers who are music and culture enthusiasts, all united by their love for live music and preserving this cultural heritage. Provinssi wants to take care of the people of the festival, both the audience and the event makers.

Provinssi has dozens of responsible partners and subcontractors who understand the uniqueness of Törnävänsaari and the festival from various perspectives. Among our partners, there are not only large, familiar actors but also small local businesses. Provinssi collaborates extensively with local entities such as the city, youth work, and other stakeholders. The implementation of the festival would not be possible without the support of sports clubs, the local community, and hundreds of volunteers, and Provinssi offers opportunities for local clubs and associations to participate in fundraising by participating in the construction and organization of the festival.

Provinssi donates several dozen festival tickets annually to the low-income families through local organizations such as Hope Ry and the Kaikukortti initiative, and guests from local nursing homes, refugee centers, and children’s and youth homes are invited to the event annually.

Provinssi looks forward and continuously evolves. Environmental work and awareness of the festival’s impacts are important so that we can gather at Törnävänsaari for the Festival of the People even a hundred years from now. We engage in open dialogue and strive to make an impact when we can. The prerequisite for development is a skilled, committed staff whose diverse expertise is visible in various areas of the festival. Although organizing the event is intensive and hectic, we still encourage sensible working hours and leisure time, and for those interested, we offer the opportunity to engage in activities together—during the afternoons before the festival, we have organized yoga sessions, horseback riding trips, and pottery workshops. Provinssi also annually hires interns who are taking their first steps in the event industry, allowing them to try, succeed, and learn in a safe environment. We also strive to be a more equal and inclusive workplace constantly.

Preppaamo as the producer of the area program In 2024

The Provinssi area program is produced by the Cultural Workshop Preppaamo, managed by the Seinäjoki Live Music Association (Selmu ry). For several years, Preppaamo has participated behind the scenes at Provinssi, contributing to area lighting, decorations, and photography. This collaboration has provided many young people with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in festival work. Preppaamo is a youth workshop that receives state funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Provinssi offers an opportunity to have one’s voice heard, not only through its diverse music program. For the past few years, The Honey Room stage has hosted challenging, timely, and important discussions. In the People’s Park area, organizations and associations can showcase their activities, and through workshops, not only engage new people in their activities but also enhance the diverse experiential nature of Provinssi. Within the festival area, there’s a chance not only to celebrate and enjoy music but also to relax and rest, for instance, at our partner’s relaxation oasis or by watching the flowing river.


Provinssi is a founding member of Yourope, a European-wide organization formed by festivals. Through Yourope, we gain and share experiences, stay updated on industry developments, and participate in current discussions. Within Yourope, several projects are active, in which Provinssi is currently actively involved in the following:

Go Group (Green Operations Europe): ecological and sustainable development of the festival and event industry

YES Group (Yourope Event Safety Group): event safety

ESNS Exchange: improving performance opportunities for European artists

Take A Stand: Communication campaign to promote responsibility


At Provinssi, it is possible to donate to varying charitable causes, and in 2024, the accreditation fee will be directed to the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters. When purchasing a ticket, festival-goers can also buy an Environmental Ticket to support the acquisition and preservation of the Provinssi Forest. Additionally, at return stations, visitors can donate their deposit money to support Ukraine to the Music Saves UA organization.