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As a volunteer, you’re a significant part of making Provinssi a working, successful festival – a part of the leading forces! You get to have a look in the sidelines, gather great experience, meet new people and all in all enjoy a unique experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Please read the information below before applying. 


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The volunteering for Provinssi will take place in the beautiful area of Törnävänsaari, where volunteers are taking part in the festival’s production in diverse tasks. A sense of humor, the ability to dive into all kinds of situations and a dash of both physical and mental strength are all helpful traits when volunteering. Special skills aren’t required, but feel free to tell us in the application form if you happen to have any – they might come in handy! The most important thing is that you have a good attitude and you’re ready to embrace the best experience of your summer.

Volunteering takes place during the festival weekend June 27th - 29th and tasks are offered approximately 16-18 hours during the three festival days. Before and after festival volunteers can use their artistic creativity for example in the area art and visualisation tasks.

As a volunteer, you can request for both the place and the time you’ll be volunteering at. We aim to fulfil all the requests as well as possible, but there are a lot of applicants, so unfortunately all of the requests can’t possibly be met. We hope for mutual flexibility on both your side and ours on this matter, so that we can reach the best possible outcome, which is an amazingly produced festival!

Green Team
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You can volunteer before you’re 18 years old as long as you’ve turned 15 before the beginning of the festival. We’d love to offer volunteer tasks to everyone who’s interested, but unfortunately we won’t be able to do so. Especially some minors will sadly be left without a volunteer spot due to the majority of them requiring being an adult by law, such as tasks with alcohol handling or those related to security. Remember to ask for your parents’ permission if you apply to volunteer as a minor!


As a volunteer for the festival, you won’t be paid salary or any compensations in the traditional sense. As a volunteer for Provinssi, you will get the full, amazing festival experience, new friends, valuable experience and good vibes! You can request a volunteering certificate after the festival.

Food and drinks
As a volunteer, you will be provided with food during the days of your volunteering tasks. There will be water, juice, coffee and tea available throughout the whole festival for free. You also have the possibility to buy snacks from the staff-canteen.

A Staff-shirt
You’ll receive an unique Provinssi Staff-shirt that should be worn while volunteering. You also get to keep the shirt after the festival. Drinking alcohol or being seen intoxicated while wearing the Staff-shirt is forbidden.

When volunteering and arriving from over 30 km away, Provinssi will provide accommodation mainly for the time between the 27th and 29th of June if wanted. The accommodation options are either a place for a tent in the campsite or school accommodation, and both can be booked through the volunteer application form. Sleeping next to your friend is almost always possible as long as you remember to tell us their name in the application form.

Volunteers’ lounge and afterparty
There is an own lounge area for the volunteers at Provinssi, where volunteers can hang out and rest between the tasks. The traditional Provinssi karonkka a.k.a Provinssi Volunteer Afterparty will be arranged after the festival.

Staff Catering
Photo: Provinssi / Niina Virtanen


You can apply to be a volunteer by filling out the volunteer application form which will be available on this page during the spring 2019. Remember to fill out the form even if you’ve already contacted us via e-mail telling us you’re interested in volunteering!

All the applicants will receive a letter of approval or rejection during the spring.

Specific details about what team the volunteers are going to be placed in will be revealed during the spring. It depends on the amount of applicants, and it’s possible we won’t be able to provide said information before the beginning of the summer. We hope applicants understand this and keep a patient mind. All accepted volunteers will also receive an e-mail before the festival with all the important information about volunteering in general.

Each team supervisor will contact the accepted volunteers and fill them in about the task description and schedules before the festival. Please feel free to ask your team supervisor more specific questions about your schedules at this point of the process!

All official information will be distributed via e-mail from staff(at)provinssi.fi.

Volunteers are the driving force of Provinssi, and the festival simply couldn’t happen without them. It’s the volunteers that truly make Provinssi a genuine celebration of the people. That’s why we hope that all people applying to volunteer are also ready to commit to do the tasks they are given at Provinssi. If for some reason you can’t participate in volunteering as planned, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing us to staff(at)provinssi.fi.

In case of sudden cancellation during the festival (because of sickness or other valid reason) you should report to your supervisor immediately about your absence.

All kinds of deceit and drunken appearance during the tasks and/or when wearing the Staff-shirt is forbidden.

Photo: Provinssi / Mikko Koskenkorva


There will surely be questions conserning volunteering, and we’re more than happy to answer them when sent to the e-mail address staff(at)provinssi.fi. Be sure to check this page for the answer first though, someone else might have had the same question as you!

Any questions about volunteering?

Contact us by e-mail: staff(at)provinssi.fi!