Pic: Provinssi / Petri Anttila

As a volunteer, you’re a significant part of making Provinssi a working, successful festival – a part of the leading forces! You get to have a look in the sidelines, gather great work experience, meet new people and all in all enjoy a unique experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The volunteering for Provinssi will take place in the beautiful area of Törnävänsaari, and it will be led by the guidance and instructions of the supervisor of the workstation. A sense of humor, the ability to dive into all kinds of situations and a dash of both physical and mental strength are all helpful traits when working as a volunteer. Special skills aren’t required for volunteering, but feel free to tell us in the application form if you happen to have any – they might come in handy! The most important thing is that you have a good attitude and you’re ready to embrace the best experience of your summer.

The volunteer application will open on February 2019. 



Pic: Provinssi / Mikko Koskenkorva



Any questions about volunteering?

Contact us by e-mail: work(at)provinssi.fi!